Hard Nipples Dare

Hard Nipples Dare


I'm Dave and my wife is Penny. We got to this point of sharing our pictures online after an accidental exposure of Penny's tits which happened about 2 years ago and it brought on some interesting changes in her soon after.

We were at our apartment one evening, playing cards with my best friend. When a broken button caused her braless titties to fall out of her dark blouse, less than 2' from in front of my best friend's face as she was pouring him some coffee! It took her about 15-20 seconds before she realized what happened, & was able to pull her blouse back over them, but not before my friend, & I, were treated to seeing her hot nipples start to become very hard!

She turned 'beet red' & said "I'm sorry" before turning towards our bedroom to change her blouse, but not before my friend said "I'm not sorry, I've always thought that you had a nice set, & now I know for sure! Thanks for the show!" My wife then turned & looked at me when I said "She does doesn't she, but then I've told you that before!" With that she shot me a dirty look before heading into our bedroom, & closing the door.

About 10 min. later she came out wearing light colored a crew-neck T-shirt, but I noticed right away , & shortly so did my friend, that she hadn't put on a bra, & that you could make out the dark outline of her nipples through it. After she sat down & we went back to playing cards, my friend, & I, couldn't stop checking out the view she was giving us!

After about 10-15 mins., when she finally caught on to what we were looking at, she again became flushed, & her nipples, now clearly visible as they began to harden, were pushing against her T-shirt. She went to cover them with her hands, but in the process she accidentally brushed her plams of her hands against them! When that happened, I thought that I heard a slight gasp escape from her lips, her nipples are very sensitive when they get hard!

She then tried to get up & head towards our bedroom to put on a bra but I stopped her with a hug. I talked to her, telling her how I thought she looked very sexy & hot dressed like that & with a few additional words of encourgement(?) from my friend, we convinced her to stay the way she was and continue to play cards with us.

For the next couple of hours, during which her nipples stayed constantly erect due to my friend's & my constant eye contact with her chest. We played cards & joked with her about her T-shirt being too tight, or that it must be very cold in our apartment tonight, etc. She would laugh about it but all the while her nipples stayed hard!

When we called it a night & my friend was getting ready to leave, my wife gave him his usual hug & goodnight kiss on the cheek. My friend then asked my Wife for another hug before he left. When she Hugged him this time, I thought that I saw her moving slightly left & right during the hug! I was pretty sure that she was rubbing her hard nipples across his chest! (I found out the next day from my friend that I was RIGHT!)

When we got into the bedroom Penny was all over me, I hadn't seen her this hot for a long time, since back before we were married, we were at it for more than 3-1/2 hours that night! In the morning she woke me up with one hellava blowjob! After that things progressed to this point and we hope everyone enjoys the view.

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