Spilling Out

Boob Flashing Dare

Boob Flashing Dare


This is my wife and I's first dare. I call her 'Spilling Out' becuase that is what her boobs seem to be doing much of the time. A few years back after we married we were both VERY sexually high. She knew I had fantasies about her exposing herself to other men/women. We had been invited to a friends house for tea, he was a single bloke with his own flat (and makes a mean Thai Green curry :-) ). Tea went wonderfully, and after we had finished eating we were all sat around his table relaxing and chatting. His table was nothing more than a short Ikea coffe table, he was sat on a swivel computer chair, and my wife and I on a low sofa opposite him.

We decided that we should do something and were debating what to do next, I piped up that my wife should show us her boobs whilst we decided. I got the usual recation from both (I am known for asking to see boobs). The conversation continued and I asked a few more times for her to flash her boobs, (look at them and their lovely shape). She responded to my requests saying that I wouldn't like it if she did, our friend didn't comment.

I asked her again, and told her that I wouldn't mind if she did, she said "OK then". I expected her to quickly pull her top down and give a quick flash, what she actually did was to pull her top and bra up in one motion allowing her soft heavy breast to pop out into full view one at a time, and then put her hands back down by her side saying "There you go then", she sat there for what must have been 30+ seconds with her breast on full show (she didn't try and cover them in anyway), without a glimmer of concern on her face, my friend and I sat there gawping. (His previous girlfriend was a prude and he had never seen such a magnificent pair before). She then covered them back up and carried on as though nothing had happened.

The conversation obvioulsy circled her flashing, and the shape of her boobs, which lead to her lifting her top unprompted a few more times to confirm aspects of her breasts, but only for short periods. We then decided to go out to a local club for the rest of the night and whilst our friend was off getting ready she leant over and told me she loved turning me on (which was quite apparent from my pants :-) ). I tried getting her to give my friend a feel of her boobs when he came back in as this is something that the thought of had gotten me really horny, she refused this, so I didn't pressure her, I was just as horny with her top lifting.

Both my friend and I were still amazed at her actions and was a popular topic whilst walking to the club. She then obvioulsy arroused by our comments, pulled her top up again real quick with a big smile on her face.

A bit further along once we were in less well trodden area of the town centre started to flash my friend again, knowing that this was driving me wild, as he walked along side her. I was finding it difficult to walk with bumping into things and watch her naughty antics. My friend I noticed grabbed a quick squeeze of her boob whilst she had her top down (so not her bare boob).

She now was obvioulsy quite turned on herself and getting into the swing of this, so as we got to the turning down a back street to the club she said to him quite plainly "So do you want a feel then?" lifted her top, and stood there letting him have a good feel of her breasts before she covered them up again. I hurried her into the back ally off the road and decided to push my luck a bit, I said I was soo horny that I really wanted to suck her boobs, she said OK, and lifted her top letting me suck her boobs whilst my friend watched. When she covered herself up again, I said, "thats not quite what I meant. I meant could I suck one whilst he sucked the other?", I was shocked when she didn't object at all, and even more so when it was my friend who lifted her top and began to suck one of her boobs, I quickly began to suck the other one.

She let us both suck her boobs for a good 30 seconds or so, she giggled slightly and then covered herself back up. I asked her if she liked it and she said she did, but it was a big turn on because we were doing it in full view of the main road at the other end of the alley!.

That was the most erotic thing that happened that night and still gives me a serious buldge even now 2 years on. But that night in the club she continued to make my night by walking upto my friend lifting her top and letting him put one hand on each breast whilst she looked at me and smiled. (she even flashed the DJ).

She hasn't really doing anything this risque since (a few nights ago she had a bit of wine and flashed a few different friends in a bar but nothing else happend. I have a few horny ideas that I think she may be up for doing some time. I'll let you know if they do :-) hope you enjoyed.

P.S. She wanted me to mention that Lil Perv is her favorite girl on TODP and wishes she could eventually work up to her level.










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