Young Swingers

Young Swingers Dare

Young Swingers Dare


This is our first dare on here as we are just opening up sexually with each other and beginning to try new things. It's amazing to see all the wives and girlfriends on here unafraid to show off what they have. We really get into the dares and it ends up with us in bed talking about all the possibilities we'd like to experience.

Since we are voyeurs mainly a few months ago my husband and I decided to check out a "Swing Club" in Southern California. We had never considered sex with other partners just wanting to atch and experience. We went online and contacted the owners of this club and ensured us that nobody pressured anyone into anything, and that we could participate as little or as much as we wanted without feeling out of place.

The club has a nightclub area with a bar, tables and dance floor. A game room with pool table and darts sits between the nightclub and a large indoor swimming pool. Tha patio area has three good sized hot tubs. The back area has two "group-rooms," one with six or seven full size mattresses stair-stepped up a long room with mirrors everywhere, and one with three queen size mattresses and a hanging swing/chair.

Our first night there we were pleased to see about fifty or sixty couples ranging in every shape, size, ethnic origin, and age group. All of them were friendly people with the friendliest of manners you can imagine. We sat for a bit in the night club and watched folks dance while we sipped our drinks to settle our nerves. Lots of skin was being exposed on the dance floor and lots of groping was going on. Additionally, plenty of carressing, groping, and open sexplay was going on at the tables and booths around us.

We danced a few dances and got into the group grope environment. We quickly learned if a woman was dancing with her back to her partner that it was an open invitation for others to join in on the fun. It was electric being carressed and kissed by men and women while I got a feel of every size of boob and erection imaginable. My husband was getting his share of the action as well. This was just perfect as we didn't want to go farther than light touching/kissing.

One of the couples invited us to join them in one of the hot tubs. Why not? We walked out to the patio and stripped off our clothes, joining the dozen or so other couples that were already soaking. The atmosphere was about as sex-free as you can imagine. Here were several nice, naked couples sitting under the stars talking about their favorite television shows and movies. But I couldn't help but feel the undertone of sensuality with legs and bodies pressing against me as folks moved in and out of the tubs.

Finally, I asked my husband if we could go back to the group rooms to see what was going on. We grabbed a couple of towels and went to the long room with the seven mattresses and found each one of them occupied, some by a couple and some by several couples. Other couples that were watching were lining the wall opposite the mattresses. We watched all of the action going on, both on the mattresses and against the wall, and couldn't help but get excited ourselves. My husband stood behind me with his arms around me, playing with my body beneath my towel. I reached back and enjoyed stroking his cock. Our eyes kept watching the other people but all my senses were focused on what I was feeling. My husband loosened the towel from around me and let it drop to the floor as we continued our foreplay. It was really a uniquely exciting experience for me, openly watching others play while they openly watched us.

The couple on the mattress directly in front of us rolled over to the next mattress to join another couple. My husband gently nudged me forward so that we could get horizontal and enjoy more intimate play. As soon as I was laying down my husband crawled between my legs and began to perform his oral magic. I can't really describe his technique in fewer than 100 pages, but when my husband uses his lips and tongue on me the rest of the world disappears. In no time he had me thrashing about as I traversed through wave after wave of pleasure. When he finally let up I once again became aware of all the sexual energy around us and no longer felt like a viewer. We had definitely become participants in the action.

We traded places, my husband on his back with me diving between his thighs for his cock. I was enjoying his warmth and hardness in his mouth when I began to feel multiple hands on my body and his. We became part of a mass of bodies as everyone carressed, hugged, and prodded anything they could reach. Ultimately I mounted my husband by sitting on his cock while he remained prone. Someone's fingers began playing with my clit (whether they were a man or a woman didn't really matter) as I rode my husband with abandon. I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced. My husband kept changing the pace so that he wouldn't orgasm himself as we lost ourselves in the totality of the group.

We are both afraid of sexually transmitted diseases so I never allowed any other man to penetrate me. There was one guy that made a show of putting on a fresh condom so I spent a few moments with his cock in my mouth, feeling that sense of power I get when I can drive a man over the edge. Perhaps we aren't 100% protected in such environments, but we feel comfortable with our risk levels.

So, all in all what we did experience was an extremely satisfying group sex experience without any penetration from anyone else. Since then we have had lots of talk with others we meet online and will hopefully set things up with all the wonderful men, women and couples who were so nice and friendly. What the initial group session has taught me is that I am completely comfortable with group sex as long as it is a part of what my husband and I do together. It is the most exciting thing I've ever experienced. But sex without my husband just doesn't appeal to me at all. It is an extension of who we are, not of who I am. So the thought of me riding him with another man in my mouth is such a turn on and I'd do it every week if we could. We wouldn't switch places but most are ok with that.

We hope you enjoyed our first dare as much as we enjoyed all of yours for the last months now and feel free to drop us a line to let us know!

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