B & H - 4

Naked Girl

Taking Off Panties at Laundry Mat


B and H here! We didn't forget about you, unfortunately life caught up with us and it's just been a busy couple of months. Lucky for everyone we've been busy in more ways than one ;)

A couple of the pictures are from H daring me to press myself all over my windows for anyone outside to see. I got so wet knowing anyone could see me.

Awhile back H dared me to go to a laundromat or my laundry room wearing a skirt, fill a washer and then casually peel my panties off, putting them in with the rest of my things. After doing it I have to say, I can't believe I put it off for so long, I got such a rush!

The laundry room where I live is tiny, with no privacy and no where to hide. I walked in, wearing a short purple skirt and tight sweater, with nothing but a lacy thong under my clothing. It was freezing out, and my nipples were rock hard. There was only one other person there, and as we made small talk I could feel him staring at them. I started to wish he come over and tease my nipples lifting my shirt to lick and suck them. Feeling myself growing wet I placed my basket on the table, and I know he noticed that all I had to wash were sexy little panties. I turned around, letting my skirt ride up slightly as I moved, purposely bending at the waist to fill a washer. When I was sure he was watching, I peeled my thong down over my ass, pulling it down my legs and stepping out of it, staying bent to place it in the washer. As I did all I wanted him to do was come up behind me, pushing me down onto the washer and shove his cock into my aching pussy. I wanted him to spank me and punish me for being so naughty and teasing him. To tease my clit until I begged for him inside me. Even as I write this, all I want is a nice hard dick inside me. I didn't get any pictures, but I knew you would enjoy hearing about it.

Happy viewing, we can't wait for your feedback at

-B, interestingdare @ gmail.com






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