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Naked Walk to Hot Tub

Naked Walk to Hot Tub Dare


After a night out on the town, C was feeling really good and when we got back to the room, we figured it would be a good idea to hit up the hot tubs by the pool for some skinny dipping. It was around 2am and the resort was pretty dead so I dared C to wear nothing but a towel! She didn't bat an eye. She stripped and grabbed a towel. I grabbed the camera...and some lube ; )

She playfully flashed a few times walking down the pathways to the pool area, and as expected the we didn't see anyone. The hot tubs were up the hill a bit and each one was surrounded by lush landscaping to provide some privacy. The one we picked still had the underwater light on and had a table in the middle of it, which on most nights would be used for drinks...tonight it was used for C!!! After testing the water, C promptly sat on the table and laid back with her legs spread, putting herself on full display for me (sorry private stash of pics)!!! I played with her a bit before she sat up and went after my cock like she was starving. After a bit, I spun her around, bent her over the edge of the hot tub, lubed her up some more and gave her a good fucking!

She was obviously had the perfect amount to drink because after another few minutes, she started begging me to put it in her ass!! We had done anal a couple times, but we're definitely still beginners, so after teasing her a bit I suggested we head back to the room to finish things up. We got out and she dried off a bit and handed me the towel to do the same. I dried off, threw the towel over my shoulder and said, "Lets go." She was confused for a second so I told her that she was only allowed to wear her flip flops back. She posed for several more pics, and like our walk there, we didn't see anyone...until we turned the corner to the walkway to our bungalow! A security guard was walking right towards us. I was in front and quickly turned around to cover C with the towel, though she clearly would have just walked right by him and waved! We imagine this wasn't the first time something like this has happened at that resort as the security guard promptly turned around and walked the other way to let us continue our escapade! A few more pics and we made it home.

We raced to the big king bed and started going at it again. While we're in doggy style, I whispered in her ear, "You really want me in your ass?" to which she replied, half moaning, "MMHHHMMMM" (which by the way is one of the sexiest sounds a woman can make). I grabbed the anal lube, lathered things up and began to slowly apply pressure to her tight ass hole with the head of my incredibly hard cock. It took a good little while of building up the pressure before the my head finally popped inside. Unfortunately our inexperience with anal meant that it was a very interesting sensation for me, but a very painful one for C : (

We finished the night with traditional sex and fell asleep in each others arms. For some strange reason, the next day C was both hung over and her ass was really sore! It was the running joke the rest of our honeymoon, but we had so much fun that night, she didn't regret a thing!

To Be Continued...

Part 5 - Honeymoon Lingerie

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