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We have a dare for the site. I am Cynthia and my boyfriend is Martin. We just bought a webcam last week and decided to have some fun with it. Martin went first and he found a girl online and started to chat her up while I hid watching from the corner of our room. I remembered a dare on the todp website where a woman was chatting with another guy and his girlfriend was under the desk stroking him while he chatted and I found that to be a huge turn on for some reason so I decided to do the same. I gave Martin a wicked look and took off my clothes and went under the desk, took out his already hard cock and strted to stroke him while listening to him chat with her. I don't know why I stripped I just felt it was so naughty and I was getting turned on. I could hear her asking him if he liked what he saw and him asking her to touch her tits some more all the whil stroking his cock. They went on for awhile going back and forth until she started to rub her clit and moan for my boyfriend. All this time she has no idea he has a girlfriend and that she is nude under the desk stroking him. I must say that it was pretty sexy hearing her moan and she came quickly and as she did I strocked him faster until he came too. I was ready to have sex with him then when he looked at me and said that it was my turn.

Okay. This was kind of fun so I sat down while he went under the desk and I started looking for guys to chat with. Within a minute there appeared on the screen an older man named Damian who was also nude and smiled at me. I wasn't sure how to start and just said hello and we talked a bit and as we did he was stroking himself. I am not normally into older men (he was in his 50's) but this was damn hot. I couldn't take my eyes off of him stroking his cock while he told me about where he chats and stuff. Then he asked me if I liked what I was watching and I told him yes. That's when Martin inserted a finger into me and slowly slid it in and out. Damian asked me to touch my boobs which I did and he asked me if I wanted him to touch my boobs and I said yes. Martin was still fingering me and I was losing control here. I was so worked up and wanted to be fucked. Damian asked me if I liked hishard cock and I said yes again. He then started stroking it faster and asked me if I wish I was there stroking it and I said yes. He asked me if I wished he was in my room fucking me andI said yes and that was the truth. Martin kept fingering me and I was breathing heavy now and ready to cum and I truthfully wanted Damian to take me. Damian then told me to pretend he was fucking me and I did and he asked me to call out his name which I did as I was feeling good. He then said to do it louder. I was afraid my neighbors would hear but he insisted and I called his name out until I screamed it which I am sure the neighbors heard. He then asked me to pretend he was fucking me in the ass and at that moment Martin heard and slid a finger into my ass too which made me gasp and say 'yes' to Damian. He told me to keep calling his name out until he came all over. When he was done we exchanged emails and logged out. I almost threw Martin on the bed and mounted him and rode him like never before. Martin aske dme if I liked it and I said yes. He then told me to call out Damian's name again and I did telling him I wanted to be fucked by Damian and if he was there I would have fucked him. I came hard.

When it was over I was embarrassed and thought to myself I would never do something like that. We never slept with others but in the heat of the moment I couldn't say no. We have since traded pics with Damian and sometimes Martin and I have sex with Damian's picture on the screen and I pretend he is fucking e instead and call out his name. We are planning to do it again but this time Damian will have me blindfold myself and tell Martin what to do to me and for me to pretend it is Damian fucking me. I can't wait and have even talked about meeting him which is something I would never do but when we talk about it I can't seem to say no. I feel like it's gonna happen at some point as I get so horny and that takes over and that I can't stop being pulled to trying that out. It's not Damian per say but the situation we are all in, with Martin egging me on and my pussy pulling me hard I almost need it. I'll let you all know how it goes and I hope you like our pics.

Cynthia regalcynthia @

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