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Girlfriend Goes to a Strip Club


We are G & S and this is our first dare on this fabulous site. My girlfriend 'S' is very shy but does have a wild side that comes out every so often. She'll get shy and stay that way for months and then all of a sudden I'll suggest something kinky to her and she'll be up for it and it will be wild. Then it's back to being shy and reserved for awhile etc.

So Friday night I told 'S' about a dream I had where I was watching a woman finger her. We talked about it a while and we eventually agreed she would be okay with trying it. I had to act fast so the next night we went to a local strip club.

After a while of just hanging out and drinking she started to eye this pretty little redhead. I went over and started talking to her and 'S' continued to drink her drink and watch the girls on stage. When I came back I told 'S' I bought a VIP dance and we were heading over.

So in the room, me. And 'S' sat next to each other and the stripper (Aliana) started giving me a lap dance. After about thirty seconds she switched to 'S'. She was in a mid thigh level skirt and tank top. About twenty seconds later, Aliana was down to her thong and 'S' was touching her breasts (about c's). Aliana then turned around in her lap, reached behind her back and undid 'S''s bra then slid her hands up under her cups and started playing with her nipples. Then 'S' did something completely unexpected, she grabbed the sides of Aliana's face and kissed her very deeply. Needless to say, by this time I had the biggest boner ever!

I looked between them and saw 'S''s hand begin to massage the front of Aliana's thong and not soon after the song ended. Her hand stopped 'S''s and she asked if we wanted another dance. 'S' nodded and resumed grinding the strippers crotch. As the next song started, Aliana got up and gently pushed 'S''s legs open and kneeled between them and began simulating oral sex. To this 'S' put her hands on the back of her head.

Aliana then gripped the waist band of her skirt with both hands and pulled it down far enough to see the top of her panties and started gently kissing along the top of them. Seeing the look of pleasure on 'S''s face, I reached over and unbuttoned her skirt. Almost instinctively, Aliana and myself switched places. I now kneeled on the floor by her feet and was working her loose skirt down and off her legs. Aliana started making out with her again while I did this, while kissing, she worked her bra straps down and off her arms then pulled her bra out from the bottom of her tank top. Aliana then shoved 'S''s shirt up exposing her hard nipples and took one of them in her mouth.

Almost as soon as she did, 'S''s feet seemed to find there way to my hard cock in my shorts. Both her feet rubbed my dick for what seemed like an eternity. When she stopped I saw her lay Aliana back on the seat next to her and she slid her hand down the front of her thong. Then with her other hand guided the strippers hand down the front of her own panties. I watched them work each other in disbelief for a whole song more, when they both seemed to orgasm. Aliana didn't charge us for the two extra songs. 'S' spent the entire ride home talking about how that was a hot orgasm and now she wants a woman to go down on her. She also wants to try that with a man sometime. I was able to piggy-back this dare and story onto her horny mood and hopefully we'll get some good reviews.

gsinphilly @ yahoo.com

nude girlfriend

nude girlfriend

nude girlfriend





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