Jess - 2

Spanking Dare

Spanking Dare


This happened so spontaneous..but letís just start from the very beginning.

It all happened at a lovely Hotel, we went back to out rooms after a long Shopping Spree.

Both of us were tired, so we layed next to eachother for a while, until my bf ordered me to take my clothes off. I could hardly move, haha. So he helped me out a little.;)

Totally naked in Bed, he started to stroke my Pussy, It got me turned on easily. After that, he ordered me to give him a BJ, he came in my mouth.

I was feeling so sweaty after that, lol. Again he ordered me to go to the bathroom, just to freshin up. I felt kinda dizzy, so I sat on the toilet, and had to pee. Woops, my bf heard it ( Iím Not allowed to go pee without his permission when he's around).

I went back, seeing him with a stick in his hand. I knew what was going to happen. I had to kneel a little forward. Not sure how many spanks I got, from the Picture I guess it was 2, but to bei honest I was just glad when it was over.xD

It sure was painful, and yes I did cry a little, and felt a little weird after that. For him I think it was no Biggie. We got dressed, heading to a Restaurant. Before that my Bf turned to me and demanded me to show my breasts, right in the middle of the Corridor. I looked around, to make sure that no one could see me, of course.;)

We went down the stairs, waiting for tue escalator, and bf took another Picture of me infront of it.xD Wah, that really got me nervous, because I heard people coming up the stairs (so I thought).

Back in the car, we drove to one of our favourite restaurants:D still felt those 2 spanks on my butt though, oh well, lesson learned.

We had a great time together, and we love getting comments, dares (no face or pussy) and feedback:-)

P.s. We're looking for a woman, in or around Germany, to maybe meet each other.

xx Jess - jess_sweets @





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