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Phone Sex

Phone Sex


We've had a great time being apart of TruthorDarePics, the comments and compliments have been a great influence on my wife. This post is a kind of culmination to date:

For starters, my wife has had a persistent fan since our first post and after some encouragement she started responding to his emails. Obviously she's been shy about revealing too much, but after trading pics and emails for a while, she agreed to a phone date a few weeks ago.

Her fan had hinted a few times that they should have phone sex since they're emails have been rather explicit and I encouraged her to at least talk to him and see where things would go, while we were dating we'd had phone sex quite a bit ourselves.

The first pic is of her getting ready for her phone date. Her fan was very specific that she should get 'dressed up' in only a thong and makeup on the night he called her. She was as nervous as if she were actually going to meet him, she even jumped a little when the phone rang.

She walked around the house talking to him while I did some work from home. It was great to see her relax and open up, I could tell she liked the sound of his voice because she kept smiling while he talked and she began absently caressing her breasts and casting glances at me. I kept working while they talked and she walked into another room. It was 15-20 minutes later when I realized her side of the conversation had got quiet and I was curious..........

I walked through the house to the basement stairs and spotted her downstairs on the couch. She'd taken off her lace thong and pulled her legs were up on the cushions so her knees were spread with one against the back of the couch and the other on the seat cushions.

Since she was leaning against the arm of the couch, her back was at an angle to me so she would have had to turn to see me. From above and behind her I could see she was holding the phone in one hand and caressing her bare pussy with the other. I didn't want to disturb her and quietly sat on the stairs to listen and watch. I don't know how her fan convinced her to strip off her thong but it was thrilling to hear her tell him that her pussy was wet and yearning to be filled with his cock while she touched herself!

It'd taken several weeks after our first post to get her to respond to his emails, so watching her talk to a relative stranger and rub her clit was incredibly hot! If she knew that I'd been watching her while she masturbated for a stranger, she didn't let on, but we didn't sleep much that night when she finally came to bed either.

The other pics are from her second date with her fan. After their phone date and a more emails she agreed to 'meet' him online. He told her she should 'dress up' the same for their second date on cam. She's still shy about 'revealing' herself and she was careful to keep the camera angled down, which meant he had a full view of her breasts, but not much of anything else.

Eventually she pulled the comforter aside to show him her lace thong. Instead of asking her to take her thong off and show him her shaved pussy, her fan surprised both of us when he asked her to suck me off while he watched! Unbelievably enough my shy wife, who hadn't been interested in PDA in college, agreed and adjusted the webcam to let him see her filling her mouth with my cock.

Hope ya'll enjoy the pics, please keep the compliments coming!

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