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So, my woman and I have been reading these stories for a few weeks now and she keeps telling me she would like this kind of erotic excitment if things were different and we didn't have kids and live in such a small town. Our kids are always with us whenever we go out of town so even a road trip to a large city is out of the question.

The other night we had a friend's birthday party to go to so we arranged a babysitter and made plans to go. It was at a local bar on our side of town so we decided to walk to avoid the whole drinking and driving thing. It was summer and my darling decided to wear a sun dress with a really deep V in the front. When she asked me how she looked (like she always does) I told her she looked more beautiful than the day i met her (you can see why) but that her Bra was showing. She tried on several but the V in the dress was was too deep. I sugested that she wear no bra but she was having none of that. She is 43 and has had two kids and says that her breasts aren't as perky as i remember. (what do you think?)

Anyway, she finally found a bra that she liked and we were off. At the bar we were having way too much fun (we don't go out much) and time was flying by. Durring the night i noticed other guys that were not with our party checking her out and made sure to point them out to her and mention how hot it would be if she had not worn the bra, and mabey no panties as they were all playing pool. I asked her how she would like bending over to take a shot as they sat at the bar looking at her breasts as her dress hung down in the front as she bent over to shoot. Or acidentally droping the pool que and bending over to pick it up so they could see her pussy. I could tell she was drunk and getting wet thinking about it, but again we are in a small town.

On the walk home we were taking a short cut through a park with a memorial statue in the center. I was asking her how it felt to have a bunch of 20 year old guys checking her out and said thay were probably calling her a MILF, she didn't know what that was so i told her. She gave me a little smack and we wrestled for a sec. That was my opening!! as we fooled around i undid her bra and pulled down her dress. It was a bra that did up in the front and her tits poped out, she imediatly put her hands over them and i pulled her dress to the ground to find out that she really wasn't wearing any panties. I whipped out my camera and asked if she wanted me to take a pic for you guys. She threw me her bra and said go for it!!!

So here it is !!!

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