Girlfriend's Anal Dare

Bri - 3

Girlfriend's Anal Dare



This one id like to dedicate to my lover terry,(: he has been absolutly amazing in every way. when i first met him i didnt realize how vanilla my life was (in everyway) since ive been with him ive done alot of things i never EVER saw my self doing. he's open up pandoras box for me and im forever grateful. any women would be lucky (and very very satisfied) to have sex with him but! he's mine, dick and all lol. so to show my appriciation this ones to him and his amazing (monster) cock! lol.

The first picture is of us having very sexy time for my birthday in both of our favorite position. (; he feels soo amazing being so deep in my pussy its almost unbarable, he makes me cream and squirt all the time, and we both love it(: he loves feeling my contract and constrict arond his dick and i love feeling him deep deep inside me (: it makes me soaking wet everytime i think about it (:

The second picture is of terrys panty hose fantasy that i gladly fufilled. this is his favorite picture of that night and im sure he'd love to hear what people have to say about it (; he made me squirt so much (the evidence is all over the bed lol) i orgasmed at LEAST 8 times and he told me he had an amazing orgasm his self (; The third picture is of him fufilling another of his fantasys of anal. it took us along time to get to where we are today with that one but its been SO worth it, i dont like how my stomach looks in it but i love how delicious his dick looks in my ass so i ignore the ugly tummy lol. some of my most amazing orgasms have came from him fucking me in my ass with his dick and it makes me animalistic when he slids it in. i like it when he switches between my ass and my pussy it drives me crazy!

The fourth picture is his favorite doggy style face down ass up picture of me so it seems fit id have it on here (i think it looks pretty good myself anyways lol)

The fifth one shows his amazing size and how he streches out my tight pussy so well! (instint turn on photo for me again)

And the final one is both of our favorites from yesterdays amazing fucking. this man does things to me that make me go crazy almost retarted sometimes cause of the orgasms its undescribably but very disirable. just looking at these pictures have got me crazy turned on and wanting that monster cock (; tell us what it does for you, and dont be shy lol, we love the feedback (;

BTW, we can also be found on Aduldfriendfinder with the name, captaintandb89

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