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So I'm 21 now and haven't posted here in a long time, my BF and I decided that it was way over due. We both enjoy the swinger lifestyle and have had so much fun over the last year. He loves watching me with other guys and sometimes lets me play without him as long as I take some pics. I am not a jealous or greedy GF either, I love watching him please other women. So we have decided to share some of our sexcapades that we experienced over the last year.

Okay so here's the back story for our pics. The first 3 are of us on vacation in AZ, I was feeling naughty and we had already had sex like 6 times that day and I wanted more, so we went on AFF and found a local guy (he was a teacher btw) who was at our hotel room door in 30 mins, both he and my BF used me over the next hour, and then he left after I swallowed his load.

The next 3 are of me with a friend from work. I was super horny one night and had just got off work, my BF was still at work and I wanted cock, so I texted him and asked permission to play and he responded with "sucking only". So myself and one of the guys from work were walking to our cars and I looked at him and said "can I give you a blowjob" he looked at me in shock and asked if I was for real and I said yes. I spent the next 30 mins sucking his cock in his truck til he came in my mouth. I went home after that and had the best sex ever that night. (ladies you have to try this if your man is secure enough, you will have the best sex ever trust me).

The next 4 are of a female friend of ours that we met on AFF (our user name is DandJsexypic btw). She came over one night around 9pm, we all shared a few glasses of wine and the next thing I know we are all naked in our bedroom. The next hour or so was a blur, but looking back at the pics brings back memories. My BF was amazing that night (as he is every night lol) and made both of us cum multiple times, how he was able to dump his load in both of our dripping wet pussy's is beyond me.

Hope everyone enjoys our pics and if any of our lovely followers (guys, girls or couples) are ever in south FL please feel free to hit us up, we love meeting new people and enjoy sharing pics and stories with others.

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