New Cummers - 1

New Cummers

Hey webmaster got some for you!

First of all i want to start off by saying we love all the positive feed back and comments from all the ToDP fans out there. Here's a couple more revealing pics as promised. We find this very exciting! I know some of you are on the fence about posting pics of your wives or girlfriends, but it's been awesome for us. Give it a try and you will not regret it! And if your afraid someone you know might see it, who cares! You only live once!

Quick Story: My girlfriend and i went to a restaurant for dinner the other night. When we left we got in my car and were so horny that we started making out. The only thing is we were in a crowded parking lot and my driver side window got stuck in the down position earlier that day. Oh and it was like 40 degrees out. But feeling really horny i said take your shirt off! So with out a second thought she pulled off her top and exposed her lace bra. I instantly unsnapped her bra and let her perky tities fall into the cold air. She then leaned over and blew me until i came right there in the parking lot with the with the driver side window all the way down. Sorry no pics from that, the i phone does'nt take pics in the dark :(

Here's a couple last minute Christmas pics we took the other day. One is in front of our Christmas Tree and the other is a dare. It was 38 degrees outside and about 8:00pm at night. I dared her to strip down to her panties and run out to the tree in the yard for a quick photo session. This tree is in clear view of a lot of neighbors and was a super rush! Well happy new year everyone and happy daring!

- Happy New Cummers TRjohnson6907 @

New Cummers


Trade Tokens for Boobs!

*** These girls take out their webcams and ask for tiny amounts of tokens to strip, fondle themselves and more ... tokens also remotely make them cum!

How does this Work?? ...

Each token is about 5-10 cents and you can tip 1 or as many as you like. Every token amount has an effect of some kind on the performers."

The tokens vibrates the toy remotely which is usually already inside the woman. So your 5 cents makes her shiver. After awhile, she does something extra (sexy) special ...


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