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My True Story

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My True Nympho Sex Story

BY: Kelly Da Brat

**This is the true story about Kelly and her early sexual experiences as a nympho. I first met her a few years back as I was a part of her Yahoo group. She shared her amazing story and her many pictures with us all and I found her to be a really nice, down-to-earth person. She gave me permission to post her story along with her pics here on this site for you all to enjoy and believe me you WILL love it. As Yahoo has a tendancy to do, they shut down her group and I haven't heard from her since. If anyone knows where she is now, or Kelly if you are reading this then drop me a line :) - Webmaster

I first noticed that I was different when I was young. I was homely looking, flat chested and completely afraid of boys. I had 5 brothers and know full well what a boy's sexual organs look like. My brothers have all seen mine as well. This was of course very normal and to be expected. My brothers sometimes run right up and purposely expose themselves to me or pull my towel away. But even at this young age, I was always fascinated by how wonderful a cock looked. I have seen my brothers' cocks both hard and soft. The other girls my age wanted nothing to do with boys and I pretended that I didn't like boys either. But my body was telling me otherwise. I would go to the girls bathroom and play with myself constantly. It was not that it produced orgasms at that age, but it soothed me and left me with a more balanced feeling that would last for at least a few hours. I would lay awake at night and dream of those boys taking me into their arms and kissing, hugging and playing with me.

I envisioned myself with one, two & 3 boys from school separately and all at once. The more I thought about it, the hotter I got and the more I would want it. By the time I was a bit older, I knew I was weird. I was barely begginning to bud. My areola's had begun to get puffy and stand out straight. Whenever I would brush against a boy or one of my brothers, my nipples would get hard as rocks and stick straight out from my shirt and so I began wearing a training bra. I was a little less homely looking at this time and the boys paid me a little more attention.

Over the next 2 years my whole life changed. My sex drive was through the roof. I was already been playing with insertion toys and nipple devices for over a year. I can honestly say that I was experiencing at least 2 climaxes per day/night. I had semi large areolas, with very thick and sturdy nipples. But my breasts had been getting larger for the last 2 years and I was stacked with a full "C" cup breasts. Boys certainly noticed because I had some of the largest tits in our whole school.

My mom had died when I was very young and so it was just my dad and 5 brothers, then there was me. I noticed a change in my brothers and their friends. We had always wrestled all throughout my childhood, but now they (the friends) would pinch my ass and tits when no one else was looking, some of their hands would flow along the contours of my waist, ass and breasts. I never told them to stop because secretely I wanted every touch I could get. If it was painful, I would get mad and tell them to stop, but when it was gentle I would smile and walk with a bit of a bounce to tease them a bit.

It was this teasing that eventually got to them. Don't get me wrong, this was exactly what I wanted. I wanted it more than anything. We lived in the country on a farm. My dad was gone for 16 hours a day, from early morning till late at night. He sold irrigation lines, well equipment and did pipe soldering for all the farmers in the valley. This left us kids to fend for ourselves most of the time. It was very normal for my brothers to be gone till night-time because our farm was very small and all by itself.

I had turned 18 and I remember one day I was at home by myself and I had my hands down between my legs and was almost at my climax. My brother's friend (we'll call him friend #1) walked in and for the life of me I didn't hear him come up behind me. He immediately saw what I was doing. I still didn't see him at this point. I was sitting on the sofa and he had come in the back door, he reached over my shoulders and slipped his hands through the top of my shirt and grabbed each breast. This was the first time any boy had ever completely put his entire hand around them and I was stunned. I froze solid in my tracks and turned to look at him. He told me to continue what I was doing and he would help me. I was petrified and excited. My nipples stood up and saluted, my pussy got completely wet and my thoughts were running a mile a minute. I was thinking that this was my brother's friend. I wasn't thinking about him doing anything wrong to me, but that I was doing something wrong by masturbating in front of him. Then I noticed that I was stroking my clit and fingering my pussy even harder. I put everything else out of my mind and I just concentrated on my clit and the wonderful breast massage I was recieving. I knew that I needed more, but didn't want to ruin a good thing. I moaned as I climaxed and he could see my body lightly convulsing as I climaxed. I noticed that he had taken both my tits out of my bra and had lifted my shirt up which completely exposed my breasts. He just kept playing with them and told me that I wasn't being fair to him. I looked at him and asked what he meant. He said, I helped you to have an orgasm, now you must help me to have one. Well, he was right and I was curious. I have seen my brother's cocks, but I had absolutely no clue how to make one orgasm. So, I smiled and said ok, what do you need me to do.....

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