I got to fuck a Nymph!!

Bonus Story - Part 9

boob pinch

I Got to Do Kelly!

BY: Lucky Guy Doug

When I arrived at Kelly's house, I was very nervous at first. I rang the bell and 2 women answered the door. They were both wearing only a long body style T-shirt that hung down about half between the knees and buttocks. Kammie's T-Shirt was loose fitting, and Kelly's was about the same, but her boobies stuck out nicely and her nips, were waving at me!!!

I was stunned to say the least and they asked me in. Kelly mixed me a Rum/Coke and we all 3 sat on the sofa. I was sandwiched betweeen these 2 women. They didn't hide anything from me, it was all right there to see and feel, but I was still nervous. Kammie started reaching across me and started french kissing Kelly. They both had their hands on me, but Kelly was the most aggressive. They played with each other and me for about 15 minutes, until the drinks were gone and then Kammie told Kelly that they better get dressed. Kelly asked me to grab 2 hangers that had all thier clothes on them. I handed them and expected them to go into the bedroom. They pulled off their shirts and stood there naked in front of me. My eyes were bugging out, kelly has an a very curvy and lucious form and Kammie is thin, trim and tight. They asked me if I wanted to help them get dressed. They put on their own panties, but I put on each of their bra's & dresses. They put on everything else. I of course took my time and copped some good handfuls from each. They were both laughing at me the whole time!!!

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Everything was pretty much normal there, the girls were cool and we chatted about my job, their jobs and what happened at the house. After dinner, we went to a bar for some drinks. I had 2 beers (Iwas the designated driver), so I kept it light. They both had 3 shots of tequila with beer chasers. Some guys came over, one at a time, and asked to dance with the girls, but they would just grab each other around the waist and kiss me on the cheek and politely decline. One guy in particular was a real jerk, he kept pushing me to share the girls. He was drunk and came within a a hair of getting the shit beat out of him. But, other than that, we played some pool and I lost every game we played, they had a karaoke machine and kelly and Kammie both sand a few songs separately and together.

We left a little past midnight and I dorve us all back to Kelly's house. They both stripped right there in the living and then removed all my clothes. they led me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. I was in the middle and they both started kissing each other and me! Then kammie went down on me while kelly frenched me and they switched with me frenching Kammie and Kelly sucking my knob. I was definitely having the time of my life. Then Kelly whispered to Kammie and they both got up on all fours and asked which one of them was I going to pick first!!!! OHHHHHHH Mannnnnn....

I put my fingers from each hand onto their hiny's and into their pussies. They both gyrated on my fingers and started rocking forwards and backwards. My Knob was throbbing and I kept my fingers inside Kammie and started fucking Kelly first. They started french kissing one another again and I switched about every 5 minutes. I wore a rubber (we all worked out that minor detail earlier). I came inside Kammie, then crashed on the bed between them. They both layed beside me and just played with my chest and body for about 30 minutes, then I was hard again and it started all over, but this time they were on their backs and I stuck with each girl to take in their entire body as I fucked each one.

The next morning was cool, Kammie had already gone home, but when I woke up, Kelly was cooking breakfast. She was just wearing that long T-Shirt and I walk up behind her and she coo'ed up into my body. I played with her breasts and made myself at home with the rest of her body while kissing her some more. We had eggs benedict and hash brown potatoes. We did it in the bedroom after breakfast.

This woman was absolutely insatiable and never took her hands off me. The whole day went by like that. I have never made love so much in a single day, I spent the night again, she fed me well and I left mid-day the next day.

**Forum Comments: Actually I'm more jealous then anything. Damn what a lucky bastard you are. WoW, that was some experince right there. You could have gone into more detail though. Thanks for sharing and taking one for the team........Can you give us more detail on how Kelly and Kammie looked?

To be honest, it was one of those situations where you just had to be there. I'll try to elaborate, first off, they set me up royally in the best sort of way. I was totally caught off guard by both those hunnies. kammie has dark red, straight hair that goes just below her shoulders. She is very slender, no an ounce of flesh out of place anywhere. Kelly, is a sexy little wildcat, with big, full, bouncy breasts and they melt in your mouth when you eat them. Kelly's ahir is auburn/brownish in color and has a very light complexion. but, like I said, they set me up from the moment I walked in the door to the time I left. They would do things like kneel on the floor in front of me and lower their heads as they serve me. One would serve food, and the other one a drink and ask me things like, can you see my breasts well enough or should I move this way to give you a better view.

I was treated like a king with his own personal harem. I got everything I wanted, just the way i wanted it and learned about a few things that I never knew I wanted, but will remember for a long time. If I were to measure the extent of the treatment, I would have to say it was in excess of anything I could have imagined. Those women were open books and begged me for my attentions. They acted out cat-fights over who would get me next and they took turns winning. While one would suck my knob and rub her tits on my legs, the other would be french kissing me and rubbing as much of her body on my chest as possible. Then they would switch and trade places. They pleasantly embarrassed the shit out of me in both the restaraunt and the bar. It wasn't so much that they were improper or indescent, it was just the way they would rub up against me while looking at other guys, in a "Look what you can't have sort of way". Anyway, I am going to enjoy my stay here just fine and Kelly told me I can crawl through her window any time.

I'll be doing exactly that.


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