Becoming a BDSM Slave Girl

Story Part 5


My True Nympho Sex Story V

BY: Kelly Da Brat

He took me into the shower, stuck an enema in my pussy and hung it under the shower so that water constantly flowed into the bag. The water was warm and had a nice soothing feeling. Then my thoughts went back to his cock. It was soft again. I bent over and put it in my mouth, he grabbed my hair and I grabbed his ass cheeks. He untied my breasts and for moment the blood gushed back into them and it hurt when they dropped down. His cock was still soft and it barely fit into my mouth. I really mean it too, that damb cock was folded in my mouth and my cheeks were all puffed out. I could barely suck it, it was so large. I kept thinking that this is like a horse cock. Then it started growing again. He kept pulling my head towards his cock so that my lips were against his body. He held me there as tight as he could by the hair. I kept thinking that after th8is cock gets down my throat, I would choke to death.

My arms were flailing, I was crying and he was laughing, he just kept my chin against his balls as his cock kept growing larger and he would tell me that I was his property and I better stop fighting. He kept repeating over and over, you better suck my cock better than that bitch. The enema had fallen out of my pussy and he grabbed it and put it back in then told me to push it in as far as I could and hold it there. His cock just kept growing, then I saw him swaying back and forth. This guy was drunker than a skunk. I kept thinking that my brother sold me to an old drunk man, took off and left me and now this guy is drunk to the point of passing out and I am the party bitch that wiil be fucked by everyone. His cock was fully erect, clearly in command of my throat and he was throat fucking me.

I had gagged a few times, but it was alright now. My mouth was wrapped around this man's cock to the point of stretching and my throat was almost twice it's normal size. I had never been throat fucked before, at least not so entirely and completely. This guy owned me now and I began to fantasize about all the fun I could have if this man would fuck me everyday. He pulled his cock out of my throat and pulled out the enema, I got my first look at his cock fully erect. It looked longer, like it was fake. The damb thing was a foot or so long and 3 inches across where it met his tummy. It tapered to a huge mushroom head. The base of the mushroom was about 2 inches across and the mushroom itself was at least as wide as the base. Although I was a slut and had sex regularly, I couldn't help but think that his cock would split my poor overworked pussy apart. He saw me looking at his cock and asked me if I liked it.

I smiled ear to hear and nodded yes. Then he bent me over, spread my ass cheeks apart and stuck his finger inside my ass. I jumped up and tried to wriggle free of his finger, but he held me firm. I just blurted out, that's the wrong hole sir. He literally picked me up off the ground with one hand as his finger went deeper into my ass and said in a very threatening and deep tone. I OWN YOU BITCH, YOU'RE MY PROPERTY, IF I WANT TO FUCK YOUR MOUTH, YOUR PUSSY OR YOUR ASS, I'LL DO SO AND IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. This man stood about 6' 5" tall and had picked up my 5' 4" body with one hand to where I was looking into his eyes at his height. My ass hurt and for the first time, I was really afraid. I turned my eyes away and he grabbed my left breast with the other hand and squeezed it with an iron grip. He was obviously drunk and I knew I was wayyyyy over my head. I started bawling, the tears were running down my face as I tried to wriggle out of his grasp. This man meant business and I had always considered this master/sex slave thing to be a game.

But one look into his eyes and I knew he was not playing with me. This man did not care about my pleasure in the least. To him I was just a slave and I didn't have any rights what=so=ever. He ordered me to stop crying. He then set me down. I said, your cock is way to big for my ass, I want it in my pussy. He said this time I fuck your ass and next time, I'll fuck your pussy. I knew he was gonna hurt me, I tried to run away, but he still had me by the breast and was squeezing it so hard that I could feel the tissue inside my breast ripping apart underneath his grasp. I fell to the floor of the shower and he grabbed the other breasdt just as hard. This man was torturing my breasts and he was smiling the whole time.

I screamed for him to let me go and he picked me up by both breasts and in a deep tone, calmly said, I OWN YOU JUST LIKE I OWN MY CAR. AND I'LL BE DAMBED IF I AM GONNA LET ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO DRIVE IT. SO, JUST SHUT YOUR CUNT MOUTH, LET ME GET MY MONEY'S WORTH OUTTA YOU AND QUIT TELLING ME HOW TO FUCK MY OWN SLAVE. I SEEN YOU GET FUCKED BY AT LEAST 20 GUYS AND SUCK OFF 2 WOMEN, YOU LOVED EVERTY MINUTE AND ARE BY FAR THE BIGGEST SLUT I HAVE EVER KNOWN. NOW, I WON'T FUCK YOUR ASS UNTIL YOU BEG ME. He stiil had me a full foot off the ground and was holding me by both breasts. I just hung there, not knowing what to do, supported by only my tits which were being crushed by his hands. Then things got worse, he got all pissed off and let go of one breast and left me hanging by the other breast, I knew it was gonna pull apart from my body and I said, please master fuck me in my ass. He grinned and said it's too late for that you fucking slut. I started begging him to fuck my ass louder and louder until I could hear laughter outside the bathroom.

I remember thinking that this is a whole lot like my training sessions with my brother, but that this man had control of my emotions and used those emotions as my brother uses my body. I was begging for his cock in my ass at the top of my lungs and he kept saying no. I was hanging a foot off the ground by one tits in an iron grip, I felt my flesh tear under his grip, but when I hysterically looked down, the flesh had only slipped a bit under his grasp. He just tightened his clamp on my tit and the pain started rolling from my tit down along my side and clear down to my feet. Masterrrrrrr, pleaseeeee fuckkkkk meeee innnn myyyy asssssssssss... I kept begging him to fuck me in my ass, my pussy or anywhere else he wanted. My body was jerking up and down, swaying side to side and he knew exactly what he was doing. Then he carried me naked all the way to the livingroom, he grabbed the other breast and started bouncing me up and down by my tits in mid=air. He told me to beg to be fucked in the ass again. I started pleading with him right in front of everyone. Then he told everyone in the room that he bought me. To my face, and in front of everyone he said, you are my property, I'll use your body as I see fit. I am your Master and you are simply a slave. You have no rights, you have no opinion, you have no voice, your emotions exist to bring me pleasure and your body exists to make cocks cum.

I asked him why he didn't fuck me in the ass, he said, "You hurt my feelings and now must pay", he grinned and had someone fetch some rope. He tied my arms behind my back, then made 2 loops on each end of another and looped them around a hook in the ceiling. Then he put his 2 middle fingers in both my pussy and ass with one hand and as he balanced my weight, cinched each of the loops onto each breast. After he cinched them close to my chest, he slowly let me down and left me hanging by my tits. I was horrified, everyone could see me, naked and strung up by my breasts.

There was nothing I could do to stop this man. I was wishing I hadn't told him no. I began to think of this cruel man as my true master. He brings pleasure and pain and has complete control over me and the strength to do what he wants when he wants. He can make me beg for things that I hate and uses my emotions to please himself. He spanked my ass, pussy and tits until they were all bright pink. I could see people watching him whip me. I was crying and begging for him to fuck my ass. I didn't care about the crowd of men and women watching me, I really wanted him in my ass, just as hard and deep as I could take him. He knew that he was in complete control of all my emotions. He left the room and I could feel hands all over me again. They were touching my breasts, (which felt like they were going to pop. One guy started fingering my pussy, but I got no satisfaction because of all that pain. Then I had a horrifying thought.; What if my Master has taken away my ability to have pleasure. I knew I was rambling and so I started screaming, "Masterrrrrrrr, Pleaseeeee, Fuckkkkkk Myyyyy Asssssssssssssss, Please Master, Fuck My Ass. I started crying again. I had gone partially limp and was unconsciously muttering for my Master to fuck my ass.

He came back with 2 very large vibrators and a small electrical device. He put the first and largest one in my pussy, it was 14" long and 3" around. It was huge and filled my pussy up tightly. He inserted it into my cunt slowly until it was all the way in. It was deeper than anything I had had had in there. Then he took the other one and shoved it up in my ass, this was about 12" long and 2 inches around. It hurt very bad, worse than anything has ever felt before. Especially with that 3" around vibrator in my pussy. Then he attached a suction cup with a small metal rod to my clit and ran 2 alligator clips to each of my nipples. My nipples squirted blood each time he put one on. Then he looked at me and said, who is your Master. I said, You are my Master. I began crying again, because I was starting to really believe it and the pain was unbearable and blood was drpping down my breast.

Then he plugged an extension cord into the wall and told a guy mext to him to plug them all in. The first was my ass, Then my pussy and last a steady trickle of electricity on my clit. I came instantly from the electric jolts on my pussy and the vibrating dongs in my pussy and ass. Then my new Master had 2 men that were standing by the wall come over. They were about 35 to 40 and up to now had been content to watch the party bitch getting tortured and humiliated. My master asked them to start fucking me with the vibrators. They each turned them to high and began moving them up and down. They tried to be gentle because I was hanging from only my tits and every bounce tightened the nooses around my breasts. But then, just as I was about to climax, my new Master shocked the shit out of my clit, it bit me like a needle through the eye, but it was inside my clit. I felt water running down my leg, and my master said, you realy are a slut, you liked that electricity on your clit.

I didn't even know I had climaxed, but he was right, that was a gush of pussy juice. He popped the dial over again and again, I came everytime. Sometimes he would leave it on longer or shorter, but regardless, this man has completely Mastered my orgasms and could make me climax on demand. I was hanging by my tits in front of over 40 people now, I had vibrating dongs in my ass and cunt and 2 men fucking me with them. The alligator clamps had cut into my flesh and my clit was constantly making me climax despite the intensity of this constant pain I was in. And although the electric jolts sent waves of pain through me, they also made me orgasm so hard that my entire body would go into long and drawn out convulsion. My body & orgasms were no longer mine. They nelong to my Master and he knew it. He completely took away every last bit of self worth I had left and replaced it with utter and complete degradation. He used me to please himself, his friends and strangers. He made me please both men and women and strung me up in public view for the grand finale.

He then asked me if I liked hanging by my tits. Without any hesitation, I said yes Master. The room went almost silent. He asked if I enjoyed being fucked in the pussy and the ass at the same time. I said groaned, yessssssss Masterrrrrrrrrr. Then he asks how the electrodes were. I smiled and said, you gave me pleasure my Master, thank you, thank you, thank you! He took me down from the hook, untied my hands and said, undo all those devices slave and your Master will fuck your ass slave. He then led me into the bedroom and made love to me as if he were holding a flower. He never once entered my ass, He took his time and filled me up, every stroke moved across the vulva deep in my pussy and I could feel the head of his cock making it jump up and down. I wasn't afraid of him anymore. He conquered me completely and I knew it. I was the enemy and my heartfelt submission was the prize. He had to knock down all my defenses to take his prize. This man takes no prisoners, only slaves and commands his slaves completely. When he came, he shoved himself deep inside and this man was awesome, he held back his ejaculation until every drop of sperm in that huge body was begging to burst into my body. When he finally came, It felt like 3 waves crashing inside my body. He was a full 12 inches in me and his sperm spzayed exactly where he put it. Not a single drop came out.

When he finished with me, he asked if I would like to learn to be a good submissive. I couldn't say no to this man. I told him that I was eager to learn. He said, fine I'll pick you up from school every day for a couple hours and teach you to be a real submissive. I get out at 2:30 every day Master. I looked at the clock and it was about 30 minutes past midnight. My thoughts went back to my brother and I wondered where he was. My master told me there were a bunch of guys that still need to fuck me. I thought it was over and said, but I thought you want me as your sub. He said yes, but you heard me tell everyone that they all get laid tonight, right? Then he turned me onto my stomach and said, this is for questioning your Master. He spanked me good and hard. My ass was on fire. Then he turned me over spread my legs apart and spanked my pussy, then my tits just as hard as he did my ass. He then said, I am your Master. Never question me again. I nodded and he led me out into the front room and all the boys and men lined up again just as before. My master said, Alright everyone listen up, it's getting late and there are still a lot of guys who haven't had a turn yet. So let's do 3 at a time! I had no clue what he was talking about, but kept my mouth shut. He had one man under me fucking my ass, another on top fucking my pussy and another one standing up as I give him a blowjob.

This double penetration was hard at first, but after a few of them shot lods in my pussy and ass, thiungs went a lot smoother. By 2 am I had finished with everyone. I looked up and saw my brother watching me. I asked how long he had been there, he said about an hour. Then I got up to get dressed and my new Master said you're not finished yet slave. He spanked my sore ass all over again, turned me around, spanked my pussy and then each breast until all of my privates were on fire to the extent that I was confused and afraid to ask why I wasn't finished. Then my brother looked at me and said, it's my turn. I led him into the bedroom and had a very different kind of sex with him. The kind that comes from knowing where my loyalties lie.

In my mind, my brother simply exposed me to another wonder. He knew I could do it and as my Master he had every right to use me. After we got into the car, he gave me a necklace with a small diamond on it. I told him he couldn't afford that, then asked how much it cost. He told me a hundred dollars, and I realized that my brother didn't sell me, but just gave me a valuable tool to help me with my submission. He told me he left about an hour after getting there and was sorry to leave me alone like that. I fell asleep and when we got home my dad was waiting up. He smelled my breath and scolded my brother big time. I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and completely crashed. The next morning when I woke, every inch of my body ached, especially my privates. My throat was swollen and I could barely talk. I didn't speak much that day, but I couldn't help thinking about what happened to me. I lounged around for the rest of the weekend.

When Monday rolled around I went to school as usual. I met my morning lover at the Wash as usual. I was stiff as a board and more or less just let him fuck me. He was very cool, always had a smile and always energetic. I felt bad for not responding to him, but my holes and mouth were completely swollen. School was hard to concentrate on that day. I felt bowlegged and just knew that every could see it. Then my worst nightmare happened. Several of the boys that had been at the party were standing in the hall as I walked past. One of them noticed me and I lowered my head and started walking real fast. Thet followed me clear down the main hall and I ran outside. They kept walking and then I ducked around the gym and walked out to the bleachers. I walked around the back of the bleachers where no one could see me. Then one of them appeared and shouted to the other 2 boys that he has found me. I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. They joked with me and at me. They asked me all sorts of questions as they fondled my body. One of them even french kissed me. I didn't understand it, but frenched him right back. I told them that I was taken to the party without my permission, (which was a half-truth) and was forced to be the party bitch. They believed me, thank goodness! Then one of them started blackmailing me and said. From now on, you will party with all 3 of us or we will tell everyone how big a slut you are. I looked straight into his eyes in disgust for a couple of minutes, then took his hand and put it on my breast and said, "OK, I'll do whatever you want." He laughed and roughly fondled my breasts.

One of the other boys grabbed my arm and led under the bleachers, then bent me over and pulled my thong down to my ankles and pulled out his cock. He thrust it in me, and it hurt bad. My pussy and ass were still swollen, another made me suck his cock, while the first was fucking me. The third just kept playing with my tits, he had them both out, flopping around as those boys used me. I was mad as hell at being blackmailed, but they knew they had me right where they wanted me and I had to do as I was told. They all three took turns in me, none came in my mouth, they all waited and came in my pussy. I was wearing a short dress and I could feel the sperm leaking from between my legs. When the last one finished, he lifted me up, without pulling up my panties. My breasts were still hanging out and he said, don't forget whenever we want, ok?" As I wiped the cum off my legs, put my tits back into my bra and pulled up my panties, I said, "Yes". The bell rang and I realized that those boys took up my whole lunch hour. I headed off to 5th period. I immediately saw the girl from the party with the small but perky tits and she, just smiled at me and said HI.

Nothing else was said, but after class, she took me aside and asked me if I had a good time at the party. She was very nice and told me I was very pretty and had a beautiful body. I just looked at her and was stunned. Then she asked me if I liked eating her pussy. I got close to her and told her I had never done it before and that I thought she was very sexy. I told her that it was an amazing feeling to do that with another woman and to make a woman climax like I do. She never sad a word about being fucked by any men and I knew I could trust her. She asked if I was interested in learning about lesbian sex. Without hesistation, I whispered in a low tone of voice, Yessssssssssssss.......... She nodded and walked off.

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