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My husband loves looking at my tatoo when I bend over (I got it just for him, but that's a different story)...alot of times when we go out I wear a sexy thong under my shorts or jeans so I can show off part of my ass when I bend over (and I bend over alot to show off my titties). My husband had a friend over a while back to help him do some work outside and when he came inside to get something he noticed me down on the floor doing some housework. He snaped a couple of quick pics and slapped me on the ass, which he knows I love! He dared me to open the blinds and position myself so his friend could "accidentally" see me through the window and get a good look at my ass....well his plan worked, skip to the good stuff, 45 minutes later... I was excited about his buddy looking at my ass and decided to give him a real show. I slipped off my jeans and my top and kept working in just my bra and panties (which I do quite often) and pretended like I didn't notice him looking at me through the window. It was making me so horny to put on this little show for him....I kept getting up and running into the other room to rub my pussy for a minute and then coming back to continue my "work". At one point while my husband was working around on the other side of the house, I noticed his friend with his face pushed against the window watching me and his hand in his pants...I never let on that I knew he was watching and reached back and started fingering my ass and pussy...I was SOOOO WET! It felt incredibly good and I was really close to cumming, so I just closed my eyes and kept rubbing my clit until I exploded. Right when I came I turned around fast and gave him a big smile and waved...I thought he was going to have a heart attack! I loved masturbating in front of him because I knew he was thinking about fucking me and couldn't wait to tell my husband. He was really turned on by it too and we had some of the best sex ever that evening on the back porch just as the sun was going down. We are gonna need some more work done on the house soon...any handy men out there wanna help us?

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