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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and encouragement, it's such fun to see Naughty get worked up and eager to play after reading your comments and seeing your pics. Recently, we played with some candles and hot wax and sent it to a few fans. Several responded back saying it was actually near their birthday, so we figured we'd take an actual happy birthday pic.

Later, we were playing with a little bondage and I joked that this is the birthday present they'd really enjoy: a chance to play with her all bound up like this. A couple sent us a hot story of what they'd like to do to her, and I suggested maybe we should get a few pics of her bound and ask everyone what they'd do if they found her bound like that and could play with her as they wished. She loved the thought and confessed a fantasy she's been thinking about a lot recently that I'll let her tell you all about in a moment.

In any case, the end result is that we're both eager to hear what you'd like to do with her, given the chance. As before, we've got a few extra pictures to send to those who send feedback, as a reward. In addition to that, Naughty seems really, really worked up about these fantasies, so I imagine that as we hear what you'd like to do she'll want to try to recreate some of them and we'll try to get some pics of that to share.

One final thing: If this fantasy is something you'd actually enjoy having come true, feel free to include roughly where you live in the e-mail. If you live close enough... who knows?


I've always liked the idea of being tied up. The thrill of being so helpless, vulnerable and exposed is such a turn on for me! I've also discovered a new found love in being exposed outdoors. I get instantly wet just thinking about it! I love the feel of the wind on my skin and just feeling so free....then adding the the element of bondage outdoors and oh my! It's quite the thrill that leads to quite the explosive encounter. It's also nice being able to be as loud as we'd like and wondering who can hear us or who might happen to walk upon us. Maybe it will be you. ;) I'm including a few shots that we took of my first time being tied up outdoors, it was such an incredible experience! C had quite the naughty thought of leaving me naked and tied to a tree for anyone who happens to come along to enjoy.

C and I have been chatting a lot recently about my thrill of the outdoors and my love of bondage, and I shared with him a thought I'd been thinking about a lot lately. It spun off C leaving me tied to a tree but I thought it would be an even more incredible fantasy if I could include all of my fans in it. C and I love corresponding with you all, so perhaps one day while C is enjoying writing to you while I am not around he gets the idea to set up a little encounter with you. He gives you a location and time and encourages you to be there by sending a few explicit photos of myself and some encouraging words. You decide to take him up on his offer, mostly out of curiosity but you are also extremely aroused at the thought that you might actually get a chance to play with me. You arrive and discover that the location C sent you to is a heavily wooded area laced with hiking trails. You park your car and head down the trail that C described. At the end of the trail, you come upon quite the scrumptious sight.....I am completely naked and bound to the top of a picnic table. I'd be lying face down on the table so that my ankles, wrists and ass were at the edge of the table. I'd be on my knees, with my ass up in the air. I'd be wearing ankle and wrist cuffs that are connected to a spreader bar, so that I'd be completely exposed and helpless before you. I'm also blindfolded, completely unaware of what is going on around me!

You walk closer to me, getting more and more aroused with each step. Sitting on the table beside me is an old Polaroid camera, a permanent marker, a bag of toys and a note from C:

I hope you enjoy the present I have left for you thoroughly. All I ask is that you take a few shots of Naughty during your encounter with her to commemorate the occasion. Also, please write a short note to Naughty somewhere on her body with the marker and take a shot of that as well. -C.

My god! The luck!! You can hardly contain your excitement -- literally!

Looking into the bag of toys that C you left you are quick to discover a crop, some nipple clamps, a cat o' nine tails, two dildos, what appears to be a pair of my panties and a small vibrator.

The rest is up to you! What do you do? Do you pay attention to my ass, spanking me, using the crop or the whip? Listening to me beg for you to stop as you watch my pussy get wetter and wetter, practically dripping on the table? Do you drop your pant immediately and slip your cock into my inviting pussy? Do you work my ass with a dildo and the vibe and then slip your cock into it? Do you finger me and play with the vibe on my clit enjoying my loud cries and moaning as I cum again and again? Do you climb up onto the table and try to work your cock into my mouth? Do you use the crop or the whip on my breasts or thighs? Do you stuff the panties in my mouth and use it as a gag? Mmmmmm.....the possibilities are endless and are all yummy to enjoy in their own right.

What note would you leave written on my body? And, would you ever whisper your name in my ear or would you leave me guessing?

littlemisnaughtyxxx @ gmail.com








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