Hi Webmaster,

This is my first time posting a dare on this site so new at telling my sexy dare story. Here it goes.

My dare happened a couple of weekends ago. It was a double dare. The first part my husband had dared me to go and get a Brazilian wax. I was very nervous because it was my first time. I was excited to know I wasn't going to have to shave for about five weeks. That is, if I wasn't going to back to get another one. My husband asked if he could go, I let him. But with stipulations. Lol. The experience was very horny leading up to going but I wasn't very satisfied with the way she rushed. I guess I had it pictured in my head differently. I do plan to try it one more time with another place. We will see how that goes! I do love being smooth!

Second part of my dare ...... two days after getting my wax my husband dared me to go four wheeling in a skirt and no panties! With a catch, he invited his friend to come along with us. I can tell you I was really wet thinking of the possibilities of his friend getting a peek of my bare, smooth pussy. So we are out four wheeling me setting in the middle and we ended up busting a tire on a rock. The guys had to get out and change it. At one point his friend had to lean into the truck to get something and I am positive that he got a peek, which made me cream even more. It made me loosen up about my outfit.

After our trip we decided to go out to eat. While at the restaurant, I kept finding myself hoping that his friend would "accidentally" drop a fork or something under the table. When we were leaving the guys were talking and I was really wanting to show off so I opened the the truck door and leaned across where I knew he would get an eye full. My husband came around to the drivers seat, his friend stayed on my side and was leaning in talking across me and kept looking down between my legs. That made me even hornier knowing that he was intentionally trying to look so I spread open a little more. After leaving my husband reached between my legs to feel how excited I really was he discovered that I was soaked. It was definitely a crazy and fun dare. It was such a horny time I couldn't wait to get home so I could have more than his fingers inside of me. I know that this may not be the most exciting dare on this site but I have to say for me it was a very daring experience. I have attached a few pics to show what he got to see that day.

We are planning a trip to the beach at the end of June and have picked a couple of dares from the ideas page that go beyond anything I have ever done. Can't wait to share my next sexy dare story.

~Bambi~ bambilicious2005 @





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