Clothed Female Nude Male

Clothed Female Nude Male

Here's the deal. I am a 30 year old woman married to a 35 year old WM and we live in the Harrisburg, PA (Central PA) area. This is about how I exposed my extremely modest husband to some of my girl friends. I caught him browsing your site ( and asked him about it. He showed me all the pictures and stories and I said, "nice site!". Then left. The next day he asked me what would it take for me to post my picture nude on it. I thought about it for a few hours and then told him that he'd have to do ANYTHING I ask of him. Immediately he said 'yes' and so here is my picture he took just outside our condo patio. Hope you like :) . So, last Saturday afternoon, we were in our condo making love when I told my husband that I’d like to tie him up and have my way with him. His immediate reaction was to tell me that there was no way he’d allow that. After reminding him of our agreement, teasing him a little and stroking him, I again asked and told him that it would really turn me on to have him tied uo – just his hands behind his back and I’d be in charge.

He finally and very reluctantly agreed so I tied his hands behind his back and we started to play. In the middle of playing, the phone rang and, as he was on call for the weekend, I answered the phone. It was my girlfriend Suzy who lived in our complex and after exchanging hello’s, she asked if I was busy. I told her that I had my husband naked and tied up. She started to giggle and said “Well, I’d like to see that!” and reminded me of the time my husband pulled my the bottoms of my two piece bathing suit down when we were in the surf at the beach exposing me to everyone on the beach.

I thought “Paybacks are hell” and asked Suzy if she really wanted to see him naked and tied. She has always found him attractive and said “Hell, yes! I’ll be right over.” I said that we could really have some fun and embarrass him and asked her to get a couple of her friends to join her.

After I hung up, I went back to my husband and, when he asked who called, I truthfully told him that Suzy called. I also reminded him of the time he pulled my suit down and said “This is payback time – Suzy’s on her way over.” Interestingly, he got very hard but protested and then begged me to untie him. Then the doorbell rang and I told him to stand still, maybe his adoring public was here. I left him to answer the door and it was Suzy plus two of her friends. I told the three to make themselves comfortable, I’d bring my husband out right away.

I went back to the bedroom and told my husband that Suzy and two of her friends were awaiting his public display so he should follow me out to the family room. He refused so I got two belts and put one around his neck like a leash and tugged on the belt to get him to move. When he again refused, I smacked his white bottom with the other belt and told him that, if he didn’t hurry, I’d beat him in front of everyone. He turned bright red but, when I pulled on the improvised leash, he followed me into the family room where he was greeted by giggles, laughter, cheers and whistles from the three women.

I led him around the room, stopping in front of each of the women and introduced him. They each grabbed his shrinking organ and shook it like they were shaking hands. After the introductions, I had him to back to each of the women who stroked him back to hardness. When one of the ladies asked him why he had a red stripe across his buns, I replied that he was being an ass earlier and I had to provide some attitude correction. She asked him to turn around and bend over so she could see his bottom better. When I did, I walked over and spread his ass cheeks so everything was exposed. (I remembered reading that many men feel their asshole is the most intimate part of their body.)

For the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed my husbands nakedness and embarrassment and ended the afternoon by taking turns jerking him off with the one pulling on him when he exploded being the winner and the winner got to have him alone for five minutes. After the other women left, I kept him naked and tied. I discussed the events and he said that he was mortified, He also admitted that he did find it very erotic and exciting. I pushed him down on the bed and had the best sex ever.

Since then, I’ve had him perform for some other friends and have loaned him out on a few occasions. As before, the sex after is great!!! - Tania



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