Concert Sex

Concert Sex

Here is a nude pic of me to go along with my nude dare. It was given to me by my husband and it was to let a stranger feel my tits somehow in public. At a Shania concert we (my husband Ryan and I) were standing in the very crowded area in front of the stage. Everyone was dancing and moving, more or less as a group because we were pressed so tight together. Ryan was behind me, pressed hard into my butt. I was rubbing him pretty good.

There were two guys immediately in front of me. Each kind of had half of his back against me. So, I had their asses moving across the front of me, each brushing across one of my braless breasts. I was getting pretty hot. I reached a hand behind me and began massaging Ryan's cock through his jeans. He put his hand under my too short skirt and started fingering my bare pussy. The guys in front got braver as they realized what they were doing to me and that they were getting no resistance. One "casually" put his hand down and behind him, laying kind of back against his butt, palm out, as he danced. This meant that each time he brushed across the front of me, his open hand rubbed my mound. The other guy turned slightly so that when he brushed against my breast, it was now his arm rather than his back. I was getting really turned on and moved so the the guys were against me all the time instead of the occasional contacts.

They responded by getting braver. The guy with his hand in back started moving his hand as we danced and worked my skirt up so that he was touhing skin. The guy against my breast put his hand up against his arm so that now it was his palm sliding across my hard nipple. I reached out and took each one's hand and turned them around.

I spread my legs and flexed my knees. They each put one of theirs between mine and I began to ride their legs. Ryan now raised my shirt and exposed my tits, He massaged them and lightly pinched and pulled my nipples. The other guys tentatiively, at first, joined in. When they saw it was ok with him and me, they started doing a great job of working over my breasts. Ryan redirected his attention to lower regions by raising the front of my skirt and inserting a finger. I was "dancing" almost in a daze ... I was so hot. I came once on his finger. His hands went back to my tits leaving my pussy empty.

Almost at the same instant, the two guys put a finger where his had been. I had two fingers, one from each guy, in me finger-fucking me. In just a minute or two I came really hard, having to be held up because I almost collapsed from the intensity of the orgasm. Ryan turned me around and kissed and held me. Then we slowly pushed and slid our way through the crowd to another spot. - Ann


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