Daring Dolly

Daring Dolly

Hello TorDP,

Recently have been apart from my fiancé, and don’t know when I will be with him again... Since then amazingly my libido has calmed down slightly.

I recall I made a list of things I wanted to do with him...

So far on that list we have covered a great deal, one of my favorites was him cumming in my ass. Another was us role-playing.

Here's a fantasy of mine he recently was told about.

"I've never came from oral, but I know every time he goes down on me it gets way more amazing. Maybe that's me letting my insecurities go more or maybe that's him figuring out my body more. But either way good news..:)

But I fantasize so much about squirting on his face. I imagine in my scenario, that I would come outta the shower and dry off and lay on him naked for an hour or so, then he'd flip me over and start kissing my stomach and kiss my lips of my pussy and slide a tongue over my clit and I would moan and wiggle.

Then he would slide a finger maybe two if he's got me that pent up and rub my g spot. At the moments I feel pressure I'll let go and hopefully just catch us both off guard and squirt. I would just love to cover him with my juices. Then lick off my juices from his fingers and lips. If it's anywhere else he will have to go clean himself up for round two. Which of course I would be giving.

Funny thing is, as random experience as I've had, and as horny as I am. He is the only one who has ever got me to cum (in multiple ways). We have amazing chemistry. He was the one who showed me this site and quite a few months ago wanted me to post something. Well hopefully he catches this.

I plan on having him help me take pictures and dares with me. Hehee maybe we can both have some truths in the near future.

Thanks for reading...:D

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Daring Dolly

Daring Dolly

Daring Dolly

Daring Dolly


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