Hotel Sex

Hotel Sex

Hi, we both love your site immensely! This is a picture of my beautiful wife in the room we stayed at. Here is our story: My wife attended an Oracle conference a few years back and I tagged along. At the last night of the conference, they had this big dinner party where spouses could attend. Lots of food, drinks, games, and dancing. While my wife normally dresses conservative, when she wants to dress up, she will turn heads. This was one of those nights, and judging from all the compliments from her co-workers and boss (and even some of them asking her to dance), they were impressed as well.

Anyways, as I'm dancing with my wife, her boss comes over and asks if we wanted to join a group of them for drinks. My wife said no and she later tells me that while she while likes her boss, it's the external Oracle consultants that he's hanging out with that she doesn't like. You see, my wife works with these consultants in her company, and doesn't think much of their contributions given their hefty cost ($200/hour). She also thinks that they don't really like her, because she always gives them a hard time by asking for more productivity. At work, she has 3 of these external consultants helping her, and she only likes one of them.

After a few more songs, we go back to our room, and she's in the mood for some fun (it's amazing how a little alcohol in a foreign place makes her feel uninhibited). Our room is on the second floor, so no one can really see you if you're lyingon the bed .... except from this gazebo. As my wife is in the washroom, I could see the shadows of bodies and movement in the gazebo. I turned on the two bed lights and when she came out, she looked like she really wanted it bad.

For the next hour, I had some of our most memorable sex. First I asked her to give me a slow strip dance taking off her spagehtti strap black dress. This revealed her bare breasts and a g-string which I told her to keep on for a few minutes longer. When she took it off, she got on all fours and crawled backwards on the bed, so that her bush was in my face. I knew that she wanted oral, and ate her while fondling her dangling breasts. She had her orgasm from her clit, so this mean't she was ready for her g-spot to be stimulated. I shifted her around on the bed so she was now facing the window, but still in the doggy position. I entered from behind and from her moans I knew that I had hit the right spot already. It only took 5mins of thrusting and she was ready to cum again. I pulled her back so that any gazebo voyeur would get to see her face when she's fully satisfied. She gave out a loud moan (I'm sure the people next door could hear), and I could see from the reflection on the glass the pleasureable frowns on her face. She, then turned herself around so her ass was now facing out the window and started giving me oral. Again, from the reflection on the glass ass cheeks spread wide open with a very swollen pussy. I reached in and lubed up my index finger with her sweet juices and then slide my finger into her anus. I could see her squirm because she wasn't use to this, and after a minute of squirming I pulled out. For the next 10 minutes she just sucked until I couldn't hold it any longer. I blew one of my biggest loads ever because I was so turned on with everything that had just happened. She was swallowing as I kept on cuming. After a minute or so, I was drained and fell back to the bed. She then drank a glass of water and then we slept for the rest of the night.

Next morning as we were having breakfast downstairs, we saw the bar-group people again. They came over as they were leaving, and as my wife is talking to her boss about something, one of the consultants said, it's a good thing you didn't join us last night at the bar because we got kicked out for smoking, but the view last night was great. Then the other consultant said, yeah, it's a really good thing that you didn't join us. We said our goodbyes, and it wasn't until I returned to our room and saw the gazebo in daylight that I realized it could have been them (her boss, the three consultants and who else?) that was voyeuring.

The consultants stayed for another year or so, working alongside my wife. - Vic



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