Dear Webmaster,

My wife and I love your site! After five years of marriage, I have finally been able to break her from her shell and just recently she has become more sexually adventurous for both our sakes. I wish I had known about your site months ago because we have a couple of good stories to tell.

Story 1: Every year we go to Atlanta to visit family and from where we live it is roughly a six hour drive. That's a pretty long damn drive but last year we found a way to "spice" things up. We were already doing the occasional blowjob while driving and we had even pulled off the road on one of the trips to have sex in the truck in some neighborhood at 1:00 AM; however, this time I was able to get her to do more than expose her self when no one was watching. I went for gold and got the whole flashing thing going. I've read other posters and it is pretty much the same story; first time she flashes a trucker and after about three seconds tells me to speed away. I did but the horny bastard followed us! I let him overtake us and convinced her to give him a second look. We did this off an on throughout the whole trip flashing all types of truckers and UPS drivers (one was even female). Some of the truckers would just smile but most of them would show their appreciation for the good job she was doing. :)

Story 2: So this year I wanted more than just the blowjob and flashing. I actually wanted her to rendevouz and suck some guy off. As you can see from the pics I posted she is hairless because I have bought her laser hair removal treatments for the special sections. :p So on the way back from Atlanta she gets to flashing and somewhere on I-75 she sees what looks like a government patch on a driver's shirt. Now she is a sucker for military and once she flashed a car full of army men. So we pull up next to this guy and she gives him a good show and he starts mouthing to her "Want to suck my dick?" She is playfully replying "yes" and nodding her head and getting even more turned on. So I ask her if she is serious and if she'll do it and she says "yes"; so we follow this guy off of the highway and pull off on an exit. They get to talking and within minutes I have this guy jumping into the backseat of the truck with my wife. Now for a first time he wasn't as endowed as I would have liked but it was a cock and my wife hungrily went down on him all the while letting him fondle her and grope her. He came pretty fast (apparently it had been a while for him) but she let him suck on her tits as a consolation prize. He was nice and I was horny for the rest of the drive.

None of the pics we posted are from either story because we didn't know this site existed but we took them tonight to show off her smoking body. BTW, thanks to PVL (I hope you're reading this) as she is my wife's fav poster on here and checks everyday for new pics. Maybe we can make a third story soon about having a threesome or me just watching her have a lot of fun. Emails are very welcome and are encouraged!


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