Latin Beauty - 9


Hey There,

One weekend me and my husband invited some friends over, (Danielle &Mark) - - - Another couple, we ate dinner, Played some naughty truth or dare, and the whole night we sipped on some mixed drinks ;)..Things were getting heated, and everyone was getting hot and bothered...ill tell you all a little about the dares we did...The Guys dared me and Danielle to kiss and fondle each other..So happily we did, It was nice :) Her lips were soft and the kiss was very sensual, Next dare, My husband decided to dare Mark to touch me down there, He did. So here starts my story on my first encounter with a girl! ;)

By the time we were almost done with playing truth or dare, i was half naked with nothing but a lace black bra, and some skimpy black see through thongs, The guys were in boxers, and Danielle in a shirt and panties ... We continued laughing and drinking..The guys were talking about how badly they wanted to see me and Danielle make out and mess around, so we made a deal with them, and they agreed..Me and Danielle started touching each other breasts and making out, it was getting extremely hot, Both husbands sat in front of us jaw dropping to the ground, Theyre dicks all hard and ready for action ;) We didnt really care about them so we continued with our fun, Danielle took my panties off and put her finger in me, i was wet, i follwed doing the same thing to her, she was soaking wet, heavy breathing, sweating, she went down on me, her toungue was so good to me down there! She was enjoying eating my pussy :-P she knew exactly what i liked, (probably cause thats what she liked too ;) ) I was so turned on, I wanted to take control so i layed her down, and Went down on her, She was moaning, we were both so excited we decided to let the guys joined in, they both took turns feeling how wet we were and touching our breasts, i told my husband i wanted him now, i wanted him to make me cum again.. so i bent over on the couch and let him in me Doggy style..It was amazing, his dick was so hard, i knew i would cum soon, Danielle and her husband were fooling around, Her husband just watched me and My husband most of the time as Danielle blew her husband..The Sex was intense, he had me moaning,sreaming, I knew i was gonna cum, He turned me over and i came immediatley. That night was amazing.

Latin Beauty <3

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