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Minx Girlfriend

Hello Fans,

Wow! totally amazing and appreciate your responses to our most recent story & post. Thank you so much!

These are a few of my left over pictures I didn't post in the last posts, We hope you enjoy them. It will be a bit before we post again (unless I get time prior or some of your dare requests are easily done). Our next post will be penetration pictures (promise), so if you'd like to send in your requests of positions and ideas please do and title email with DARE & short explanation of what dare is in title line. Then of course, explain it in detail in the email. Our scenery will be hotel & local restaraunts & hot tub.....so please request accordingly :p

To answer a few questions sent by email:

1. My bra size is about 34D *We've had a few requests that asked if someone wanted to mail something to me would i wear it, yes I would wear it and take pictures for you 7 post it. This is of course as long as it isnt totally in appropriate or i cant physically do it. If you are seriously asking ME & Mr. Minx will set up P.O. box you can mail stuff to with your requests. Please re email us regarding it if you are still wanting this.

2. Me & Mr. Minx have been together about 5 months.

3. At this time we don't send pictures by email (but we do enjoy recieving pictures, & certain ones that are sexy yet appropriate we love to imagine as part of our sexual activities :))

4. We dont do webcam or chat (normally, unless we get to know you very well & trust our privacy will be protected)

5. We'd love to meet a couple that wants to get together and have fun.

6. We are always open to meeting up with a 3rd person to play with (guy or girl).

7. I am 29 years old. Mr Minx 39

8. Me and Mr. minx use the same email account and check it regularly & we both read all emails.

Thanks so much for your positive input & we hope you all have some amazing & wet sex (or masturbation ;p)

Mr. & Mrs. minx

Minx - hunnybear6 @ yahoo.com

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend

Minx Girlfriend



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