Naughty Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor

One summer I moved into a house right off campus with 3 other guys. Next door( or within walking distance) I had come to learn that my best friends ex girlfriend was living for the summer. To say she was stunning, was an understatment. 5'4' 110 32c tits.. a small waist, and slender legs and a cute tiny little ass. We all drooled over her whenever we saw her because her tits and ass were always on parade. So that summer when I found out she lived within walking distance, I would manage to wave or smile or whatever. I mean we were friends prior to that so it wasnt that difficult to strike up a conversation. One day as Im walking back to my place, we bump into each other and she asks if I want to come over for dinner. I readily agreed and figured this is it...I am going to get this if it kills me. I bring over 2 bottles of wine and she cooks a great meal and then says she doesnt drink....Im like uh-oh this isnt going right..So I spend and this is no exageration, the next 5 hours or so talking her out of her clothes and managing only 1 picture in the process (it is attatched). When I did, it was the most rewarding sight and expereince ever. She had the nicest natural set of firm boobs I had and still have ever seen. Her body was so small and fit. She laid on the bed and I immediately starting eating her shaved pussy and I remember thinking how tight it was and looking up and seeing that her eyes were closed and her tongue was slowly licking her lips and I thought, OMG this is way way incredible at which point she she repositioned herself so that she started pumping my rock hard cock. We both fingered, sucked and licked each other t'ill we came and at that point it had to be 5 in the morning maybe later. We fell asleep naked and woke up and then picked up where we left off, we spent the rest of the day in bed and we probably fucked at least 4-5 times. I left at dinner time and we ended up never doing it again to my dismay..Thats my next door neighbor story. - Gerard


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