Sex Picture

Sex Picture

My girlfriend still lives with her parents (she still has a year left in college, no reason to move out yet, at least for the summers) and her family had gone on vacation for a week. The following week, me and her were going on vacation ourselves to Aruba.

So she had some friends over a couple nights before we left, a little girls night out then in. They came over, pregamed, got ready there, went to a bar, came back early and ended up drinking and going swim at her house.

Well the day before we were about to leave, and i go check her digital camera to see how much space she has, and if i should bring mine. So i look at it, and discover pictures i probably wasnt supposed to see... Photos they probably took meaning to look at in the morning when more sober, laught at, and delete. Some were innocent, some were funny.


a picture of the girls showing off their thongs before they went out.

a side picture of my girlfriend naked from the waste down in the bathroom straitening out her hair.

a picture of one girl flashing her tits to the rest as they pretend to cover their eyes.

A picture of the girls in their underwear about to go in the hot tub

a picture of the girls in the hot tub holding up their underwear to show they were naked.

a picture or two of girl in the hottub, i guess not realizing their tit at the time wasnt being covered by water.

a picture of the girls bare butts together for the camera.

a picture of 3 of the girl getting ready and naked together under a blanket with 2 kissing the middle one.

a picture of one girl standing up naked holding a banana, pretending like another girl was blowing her, which was taken from her backside, so all you saw was her ass, however, the next picture, was her turned around holding the banana in her hand and talking, i guess not realizing another picture was being taken, and this one including her bare snatch.

a picture of a girl standing up by a bush trying to "pee like a guy"

a picture of them comparing breats, however the heads were unfortunately missing from this shot.

And a picture of them doing a stupid pose where two girls were having their shorts pulled down (inside the house now) by two other girls acting silly cause of the obviousness they werent wearing underwear (which was in the dryer i was told).

Well I made the mistake of telling my girlfriend what i found, rather than saying your camera is broken, I have to take it home to fix it, and thus the photos were all deleted, but it was fun looking at them, and she wasnt at all embarrased by them, i guess due to the fact ive seen her naked plenty of times before that. I swore never to mention it to her friends though, she guesses they'd be more upset about it then her. - Paul


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