Dear Truth or Dare Pics,

Although we've known each other for years, my husband and I haven't been married very long so when my he came home from working out of town he let me read a few stories on your site to see how I would react. Naturally, I was very turned on! He asked if I would ever be willing to try a "dare" and of course I said, "YES!". He planned a weekend get away for us in the mountains a few weeks later. On the morning we were leaving, he let me read a recent post he read while out of town again. He asked if it turned me on. I didn't answer just simply slid his hand down my pants so he could feel that I was soaking wet.

We'd been to a nudist camp a few times over the summer & I wore a dress with nothing underneath on the way up and back. He mentioned I could wear another dress for this trip if I wanted. Since I always want to please my man, I found a dress to wear again with absoletuly nothing underneath. He told me what a turn on it would be for me to expose myself. Not really sure if I was brave enough, I tried it out when he went into a gas station. I saw a young guy outside a restaurant smoking a ciagarette so I took the opportunity to look for something in the car. I put my knees on the passenger side seat, bent over "looking for something" while pulling up my dress.

I knew he could see my ass and my pussy. I stood back up & turned to see not only the first guy but another man had joined him and they were both staring at me. I didn't say anything to my husband until we were a few miles down the road. He told me how sexy he thought it was & wanted to watch the next time I did it. The next day before heading out to sight see, he suggested I not wear a bra. While we were out he dared me to lift my shirt & show my tits.

We had been seeing people all morning at the various stops but I flashed him my tits. I immediately became so turned on & wanted him to fuck me right there. We found a great spot but he wanted to wait...damn him! He wanted me to put my dress back on so I did a quick change driving down the road. We drove a little further & he stopped at what looked like an old road or trail. We were surprised to find an old cabin that was deserted back in the woods. We took a few pictures and while I was bent over a rail for one picture he felt my pussy and couldn't believe how wet I was. He started to finger my pussy then did what he does best. He started licking my pussy and eating me out from behind. It felt so amazing being outside on a perfectly gorgeous day with him. Before long he was driving his dick deep inside me until we both came together.

On our way home from our trip he asked if I would do another dare...I think I will!! Can't wait for the next one.

serenad1221 @

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