Stripping at the Door

Aussie Girl - 10

Stripping at the Door



It's Aussie Girl here doing the posting for the 1st time. This post is a continuation from day 2 at the nude beach.

After saying goodbye to our new friends, we went back to our hotel and checked out the shared pool area. The pool was small, so not much room to swim around in.

There were, two guys and a lady in the pool when we arrived, they looked to be all together. When we walked in, I had a feeling they were talking about us, but I didn't really take too much notice. They soon struck up a conversation and we got talking with them. They were husband and wife and the husbands friend. They were on a fishing trip together.

We had been talking for about 20min when they mentioned they saw us at the nude beach . I got embarrassed straight away and when we questioned them, they said they were in a car looking for a place to fish.

After some confirmation, I remembered their car stopping near us and I thought they were checking out the surf. They said they were but also checking out the nakedness near them. Now my face was red. The friend said sorry and that they didn't mean to embarrass us but it was a great view. It was a funny feeling talking with 3 strangers who have seen you completely naked.

Anyhow, later that night, hubby and I went out for dinner and drinks. I didn't wear bra or knickers which made the night a little more exciting. When we got home, we were both a little drunk and started fooling around.

Hubby was snapping some pics and asked me to strip at the front door while it was opened. I thought to myself, we are staying in a cabin surrounded by bush and it never gets people walking past, the cabins are spread out enough, so why not!

Hubby went outside and started snapping away and I started my thing. I had my tits exposed and was about to drop my dress to completely to expose myself when I checked outside to see where hubby was. It was dark outside and lights were on inside so I had to let my eyes adjust to see where he was.

When they finally adjusted I saw hubby, plus standing just behind him were the 3 people from the pool. I immediately covered up and hide. Hubby came in laughing and started trying to persuade me to keep going. He told me I looked so hot and showed me how hard he was.

He then went on saying they have already seen you naked on the beach with your legs spread it broad day light. This time your behind a screen door and it's dark so whats the difference. I was feeling horny anyway and hubby is very good at getting me to do stuff I never really would.

So with encouragement from hubby and from our little crowd I finished the strip. At the end of the strip when I was completely naked, I was unsure what to do, so I rubbed my pussy with one hand and licked my nipple using the other hand. I blew them a kiss and closed the curtains.

I could here clapping and cheers, then hubby saying goodbye. They thanked him about 5-6 times. When hubby came in, I went straight to my knees and sucked his cock.

I was so horny at the time and now wished I had left the curtains open to finish off the show properly. I would have loved them to watch me suck his cock and get fucked over the lounge.

I'll post part 2 very soon. xoxo


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