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My fiance (Rob) and I had a night to remember and we wanted to share it with all the readers of TODP. We are fans but unfortunately can't show our face or our real email as our jobs are very public. We did want to start off with the dare challenge to show we are real and serious about getting some juicy comments on what we consider my first real dare:

After reading TODP for ages we decided to try a dare ourselves and I let Rob pick it which, in hindsight may not have been the best decision. He had me get dressed in a short skirt, white button down blouse, a pair of heels and for a huge change, white thong panty. Right before we were about to go he instructed me to put in my new wireless bullet vibrator. This made me very nervous but did as he instructed.

We arrived at the restaurant and before we got out of the car, he instructed me to unbutton my blouse right below my cleavage. The blouse was loose fitting and as I got out of the car I realized I would have a hard time trying to conceal my breasts if I bent over the slightest amount.

We sat down at our table and our waiter appeared. Right as he asked if we wanted any drinks, Rob turned on the vibrator on a very low power. I just about jumped out of my skin. The slow dull buzzing got my pussy very wet quickly and I found it difficult to order my drink.

Rob told me what he wanted and told me I was going to order for both of us. When our waiter returned he turned on the vib again and I had to stumble with the order. Difficult to talk but I was able to get the words out. About half way through ordering he dropped his napkin on the floor and asked me to pick it up. Our waiter offered and he told him I would pick it up. As I bent down I could feel the waiter looking down my blouse. I knew what Rob had in mind.

About half way through the meal he instructed me to unbutton another button and I did. I found it very difficult to NOT expose my breast unless I stayed very still. After we finished our meal Rob instructed me to go to the bathroom and take my panties off and bring them to the table in my hands, carrying them in both hands in front of me. When I removed my panties I had no idea how wet I really was and as I walked back to the table it was incredibly difficult to walk and not let the bullet slip out of me but I made it back.

When I got back to the table I handed Rob my panties and he put them on the table, spread out so anyone who walked by and looked could tell what they were. I freaked and then he laughed and put them away. He was teasing but it was getting my heart going fast. It was very busy and I don't know if people saw them. He actually instructed me to take them, wipe myself with them and linger a little as I did. I could feel people watching me but really nobody noticed.

When our waiter came by to see about dessert, he looked at me first hoping I gathered to get a peek at my breasts. Then Rob turned the vib back on and turned the power up and told me to order dessert, something we never do. I stammered through the order with Rob dropping his napkin again, instructing me to pick them up. After I picked it up and the waiter went away Rob placed the remote on the table next to where the panties had been and turned the vib up a little more. I felt flush and could almost feel an orgasm cumming on.

Then Rob told me to unbutton another button. After I did this, there were no more buttons to unbutton and my blouse was open quite a bit. I still tried to hide myself the best I could.

When our waiter returned with our dessert and coffee, Rob started making some small talk. Then he really shocked me. He got up with the waiter and walked a few feet away and handed the remote to the waiter. I heard Rob tell him that it was a remote for an electronic device and thought it was broken and could he figure out what it was? The waiter looked at it and played with the knob having no clue it was for the vibe inside me. I thought I was going to die. The vib went into motion again and really had me going. The 2 men had their backs to me. I tried to do everything in my power not to be noticed. Then he came back with the waiter now gone saying that the waiter didn't know how to fix it as he gave me a sly look. When the waiter came back Rob dropped his napking once again and I bent to pick it up. As I did this my right breast was completely exposed and the waiter by now started to look forward to the constant flashing. When I looked down and saw my breast exposed I felt a shudder come over me, my orgasm starting as the vib was turned on again. I tried to hide my orgasm but I had no control over it and started cumming with the waiter standing right next to me but taking an order for the table next to us.

Rob turned the switch off and I slowly returned to normal. We paid for our meal and Rob told me to walk to the door and get the car from the parking lot. I was so wet and I tried so hard not to let the vibe slip out or fall out.

In the car, Rob drove while turning the vibe on a low setting. I loved it. opened my legs and let it do it's thing I was so horny. I also felt so humiliated especially when I realized that not only did I just show our waiter my breast but that I was also cumming in front of him and he didn't know. It turned me on so much! Rob then asked if I wanted to be fucked and I said yes. He asked if I wanted to fuck the waiter too and, in my bliss I said yes. Something we never discussed before but I was way beyond reason and started cumming again. We got home and finished the night off in bed.

Like I said in my opening part of the story, 'it was a night to remember'. I hope this can be posted soon enough as we'd like to hear from anyone who has had any experiences like this or who would like to just comment on our first real dare.

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