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Hubby is away on business, will not be back for a few week.

My idea was to find a number of tops to try on in store changing rooms and ask you guys which i should wear to meet him at the airport. Problem is it's the wrong season for see through skimpy tops. So I retreated to a bar and bought a coffee. Made sure the top i had on under my very see through shirt was revealing at least one of my nipples and plucked up the courage to ask a guy sitting nearby to take a pic. Again disappointing as my top was far more see through than the pic shows.

Anyway, back to the stores:

Found a tight top that looked pretty good and when I pulled the front together did leave my tits exposed fantastically. The little cardigan i tried didn't even meet in the middle tits were completely exposed, see pic.

I went to another bar and again asked a guy to take a pic, same result, pic showed nowhere near as much as the naked eye. Well my original question was going to be, What should I wear to pick hubby up from the airport?

But guess now it's, please girls, if you've worn something revealing or sexy to greet your man when he returns home please let me know what it was, pics would help.

I've attached pic of first guys pic of me in bar, then my own useless attempts at taking pics of myself in the changing rooms, then the pic taken by the guy at the second bar.

I promised hubby that i would wear a see through top and make sure guys at the bar had a good look at my nipples whilst he was away. The pics attached show that I've managed to do that with no problem.

My second promise may be more difficult to achieve and prove. I'm going out with girlfriends two or three evenings whilst hubby is away. I, as part of a long standing bet, have to show at least one nipple to every guy that buys me a drink. Trying to "accidentally" have a boob pop out whilst all you girl friends are around is a bit tricky. Well I intend to do it, and get the guy to take a pic of it before hubby comes home. Hubby will not have Internet access until he lands in uk on his return. Please vote for which top i should wear to meet him, or ladies show me better options. I'm sure hubby will post plenty of pics of what you chose when he returns.

Love to all,

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