Boobs at the Window

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Boobs at the Window



John dared me to spread my lips open (im sure someone else did too, sorry if i didnt get you credit)! Jack dared me to wear my heels and take some pictures, so a few for him too! Stephen wanted me on all fours with my boobs hanging down! And lastly travis wanted me to flash out my window, which got me super wet! Love hearing from viewers so any comments, questions, or dares let me know!

So I wanted to share with everyone the story of what I did last night! I didn't get any pictures because it was dark, but I'm sure you'll like it all the same!

Outside of my building is a grass field, the kind where you could have a picnic or play frisbee, just lots of grass and trees between the buildings and the street. Along the street are several street lights, a bus stop, and some benches.

Around 2:00 am I was super horny and excited and daring so I went outside and stood in front of the building in the bushes. It was here that I stripped everything except my bra, and left the rest of my clothes hidden there.

I was so excited and thrilled that I walked from my spot to the tree closest to me, kinda hiding behind it in case someone came near. Then I went to the next one, and the next one, each time I gor more confident and started hiding less. Soon there were no more trees between me and the sidewalk.

I took off my bra at the last tree and walked slowly all the way to the bus stop. A car drove by at this point but didntstop and the wetness between my legs increased! I wrapped my hands around the pole and used it as a stripper pole, spinning around and rubbing myself on it. I cant say I was very good at it but I loved it and it made me so horny and ready to break!

I walked down the street to the bench and i straddled it, begginging to hump and grind on it. Another car drove by and rolled the windows down, it was full of a guys, in their 20's who hollered at me. They drove by multiple times, three or four, taking videos and pictures and I was loving the attention.

I had to touch myself at this point because I was dying with hotness! Sitting on the bench I sat on the bench and spread my legs, inserting a finger and touching my clit. The car idled not far from me and the guys hollered (they didnt get out of the car, idk what i would have done if they had). As soon as I looked up at them and saw their turned on faces I broke apart into one of the best orgasms I'd ever had!

When I was done I stood up and waved to the car as it drove off! The wet spot i left on the bench made me horny all over again! The last thing I did before I got dressed, and this is kinky, was I laid at the base of a tree, open my legs and pushed my crotch as hard into it as i could and imagined it was someone fucking me. This only lasted a few minutes but it was great!

I went back to my clothes, got dressed, and went inside. I got myself off again and then went to sleep but I knew I had to share with you! Any thoughts or comments or questions let me know!

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