Butt Plug in Public

Mandy & Andy - 3

Butt Plug in Public



I was just about to head out for my doctor's visit until last minute I decided to make this trip more pleasurable, since I was feeling a little naughty. I went to the toy box and reached for my lovely black butt plug and took special care with cleaning/lubing it up so it would slide in my tight little ass with ease. As I drove to the doctor's I couldn't resist the urge to push on the plug with my one hand mimicking a thrust deep inside me as I drove with the other in euphoric pleasure. I was very aroused with the thoughts of my dirty little secret. The doctor visit was decent. I really wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying to me (I figured I could read about it on my print off later). My complete focus was on the toy which was filling and stretching my little asshole.

After my appointment I made my way back to the car and saw numerous people coming and going in the parking lot. I said "fuck it". I'm super horny right now and I want to be naughty on my long drive back home. Only one other thought danced through my head... it would be selfish of me if I didn't take pics to share this experience with my husband since the poor man was still at work.

I dropped my shorts and panties to my ankles at first... but decided to go further with it and remove them all the way. I snapped a photo for Andy and told him I'm driving home with no shorts or panties on. He was shocked that I had them completely removed. I pulled out of the parking lot and was sitting at the first stop light. People were everywhere since it was late morning and located across the street from a University. I wanted to be even more daring. I instantly soaked my seat as I removed my top and bra completely. I was now completely exposed from head to toe. I had crazy thoughts of what would happen to me if I got pulled over by the police! Or if pedestrians and other cars saw me or if anyone will even notice. I snapped a few pics along my journey and the more I drove the wetter my cunt became.

I couldn't resist and began toying with my butt plug. Never once touching my cunt. I felt a little tingle down there so I looked down only to notice a glistening trail of sweet juices forming as it secreted from my body. Andy then sent a text telling me he was home now... I couldn't wait to see what all my photos had done to his cock.

I got home and he told me he didn't want me to come inside until I pleasured my ass to completion and I had proof that I squirted for him... I was having a hard time with that because the vibe in our parking lot wasn't doing it for me. He did give me an ultimatum. Keep trying until I squirted or go inside and receive a punishment for not doing what I was told... I didn't want a punishment. I wanted pleasure so I retried. Failed. Got dressed. Then did the walk of shame to the door.

I walked in and told him I couldn't perform so he had me drop my shorts and panties to my ankles ( butt plug still in) and he had me bend over the bed. I then received a few solid lashes with his leather belt clinching the sheets with each memorable and juicy strike. My cunt began to flood with pleasure during this time; I could feel it's warmth running down my inner thighs. My ass was a bright cherry red at this point. Each lash stung like hell but it was the choice I decided on and I deserved it because I knew once I was a good girl again after this that I would be rewarded with his huge cock.

Andy offered me to take a shot with him but I had to walk out to the kitchen with pants still around my ankles, exposing my cherry red ass for him to admire his work and me to be humiliated.

Andy then hugged me and explained to me why I was being punished. I accepted and thanked him for helping me be a good girl and to follow his directions.

I was still super horny though and I could tell he enjoyed punishing me for his cock was half mast. I finally told him I want to be fucked right now and without hesitation, we made our way to the bedroom. He pulled his cock out and I instantly wrapped my lips around it and danced my gifted tongue around the shift until it was fully erected. I removed my beloved butt plug and his cock slid right in with ease. I love being fucked in the ass. I find the cunt worthless and only useful for decorations (I know Andy accepts that about me too, for the asshole is tighter) Each thrust excited me more. I couldn't stop moaning in a euphoric pleasure. Finally! I was able to squirt the way I was intended to. Anal penetration.

Hope you enjoyed,

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