First Time Bondage

Mandy & Andy - 5

First Time Bondage



It was my first time.

My husband, Andy, has always been intrigued with bondage yet I would never let him practice binding me up because I always had a fear of completely giving up control.

He finally assisted me in working up my courage to give it a try. My heart was pounding and my breaths quickened with just the thought; anxiety was settling in which brought tears to my eyes. I was only imagining the worst. "Relax and trust me Mandy, I love you and would never hurt you" words of reassurance were softly whispered in my ear. Instantly my nerves relaxed and I took one last deep breath slowly... a sigh of relief.

Andy took my hands and gently put them behind my back. I could feel the the softness of the rope brush against my bare flesh as he began binding me. The rope continued to dance around my arms making its way to my exposed breasts in such an ornate fashion. A huge grin overwhelmed my face as we were making progress. I could tell Andy was enjoying himself too for his lit up like a child on Christmas morning. Seeing how happy I was making Andy (for I was being a good girl) started to make me horny. I was learning to love bondage. Andy reached down and slowly ran his middle finger across my pussy. He could feel my juices: warm, sticky and wet. "Oh my Mandy, what's got you so wet?" as he could see a string of juices still hanging on as he was pulling his finger away. "I did it" I said. "I'm being bound [by the man I love] and I never in a million years expected this". Andy smiled at me as he finished his last knot. "You look beautiful" he said as he stood back to admirer his work. My heart melted and my pussy began to ache as he spoke those words to me.

Without hesitation he holds my cheeks in his hands as he began to passionately kiss me. His hands begin to wander caressing me all over. Still bound we make our way to the bed. I decided to flip onto my stomach and and stick my exposed ass straight up into the air. "Fuck me" I tell him. "Fuck me deep and hard". Andy bites his lip in lust as I spoke those words. "Maybe I should bind you up more often, it seems you become my naughty little girl when I do." Andy's cock hardens. "Suck it for me first. I need you to get on your knees and suck my cock until it's ready to go inside you". I do what I was told and got on my knees and worked my gifted tongue around his huge cock and balls. So much spit began to run from my mouth as I continued to gag on it. He had me stop after a solid 5 minutes of constant gagging and sucking. We get back in bed and I resumed my position and within moments his throbbing cock was deep inside my pussy.

I was shocked for I only get the pussy on rare occasions. Normally I am fucked in the ass.

"What made you choose my pussy?" I asked. "Because I know this was challenging as it is for you and I know with your hands bound you won't be able to guide my cock in like you normally do... don't worry though we will work towards that soon enough.. baby steps for now." Andy said softly in my ear as he continuously thrusted deep inside me. I grinned while biting my lower lip (for this was the sweetest thing to hear) and closed my eyes to embrace it all. The bondage, the sex, the love, the trust, everything. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks at this point. I began to moan as the thrusts got harder, deeper and faster. We were almost to climax. Andy grasped my waist as I clenched the sheets. The pleasure intensified and my moans grew louder. Andy was breathing heavily, sweat glistening down his body. Bursting out of his mouth, "I'm about to cum!" Those words excite me more... my own juices began running out of my soaking wet and pounded pussy. 3 more thrusts is all it took. Andy's sweaty body collapsed against mine. We lay there breathless a few moments as our juices ran down my inner thighs leaving me in a sticky warm mess.

I loved it.

Hope everyone enjoys can't wait to hear from you all.

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