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I'm Morgan and I'd like to email my dare for to the webmaster. I have 6 pictures attached and my story of how I got here attached in a word document also, and also wrote it below.

Basically I discovered I have a new fetish if you can call it that. My roomate (I'll call her Tammy) and I hang out a lot and are pretty close friends. She has a boyfriend and has had a wish for him to be tied up by her and to experiment that way. He isn't really into it and just tells her he's not interested and why don't they try something else and so on. He isn't that outgoing but is a nice enough guy.

After hanging up the phone with him and him turning her down once again Tammy looked at me with a fed up look. I think she has control issues stemming from childhood - which I won't go into obviously - but if you knew them you'd understand. I did. So, for some reason that night I told her that she could tie me up if she wanted to. Now before you think anything we are just friends and I am not bi so nothing happens between us. I was offering to make her feel better and to allow her to get this out of her system and hopefully have a therapeutic effect.

She looked at me as if to ask if I was serious and I said 'yes but ..' and I told her how I was just doing this for her and I didn't want certain things. Since I wasn't interested in women I said that there was no kissing, no fingering or touching my pussy but she could have 'control' over my body. She got excited and quickly agreed. After that I wasn't so sure but I did want to help her out.

We decided to do it the next night and she had me lay down on her bed in her room. She asked me to take my clothes off and I lay down on my side and she tied me up around my hands and my ankles. What I didn't expect was for her to also blindfold me right after. I was comfortable with her so I wasn't nervous and was even a little excited. She started by leaving and getting some ice which I felt on my nipples and I shivered. She then slid the ice over my body making me squirm and I laughed and told her to stop. She did. Then I heard a noise and wasn't sure what it was and suddenly felt some tape go over my mouth. THAT I wasn't ready for and now I was a bit nervous. But I guess that is what she wanted to achieve so I relaxed a bit.

Then she put on music and I heard her start to take her clothes off. I had no clue what to expect now. But I was excited, just being naked is enough for me but being tied up was exciting too.

I felt her hand rubbing my back up and down and she was using oil. Slowly she lowered her hand down to my ass but just slightly touching it as she was looking to me to see if I protested. I didn't and she continues rubbing my ass and it felt good.

She then surprised me again by getting more rope and tying up my arms even more and turning me on my tummy with a pillow under it. My ass was sticking up and I had no idea what she was doing. Then silence for a good few minutes. Then I felt a light sting and knew she was spanking me. It didn't hurt but I could tell she enjoyed it and must have been getting turned on. Each time she spanked me I heard her breathe heavier and she kept it up for at least 15 minutes. It didn't do much for me but I was getting excited knowing she was and then I could swear I heard her fingering herself between spankings. I was right as I heard a really big moan come from her after her last spank. I was wet too.

I thought at this point she was done but she went away again and came back and went to my ear. She started to whisper and asked me what I thought about having her take my picture and sending it to her boyfriend. I froze and was alarmed. I wasn't into that and before I could do anything she had her hand on my ass and opened one cheek and took a picture. She then kept talking explaining what she was doing. She said she was downloading it and sending it now. I was freaking!

Then she came to my ear again and said that he was probably enjoying it right now. I was breathing hard and realized that I was soaked. She saw too and then I felt a very small vibrator (she took it from my room I later found out) on my leg and she moved it up and to my ass. She then slowly put it in which I never specifically said no to (just my pussy) and I was shaking. I was so turned on from the picture and then this drove me over the edge to a quick, intense orgasm.

Then she untied me and had a look of complete satisfaction on her face. She then showed me the picture on her phone and to my relief she only took a picture of my ass close-up so nobody would know who it was and showed me the message to her boyfriend. It said that she found a picture of her last roomate and thought he would like it. I was relieved he wouldn't know it was me and we talked about how it was and what it meant for her.

I though went to sleep that night thinking about the picture. I didn't realize that I would be so turned on by being exposed and wanted more. This was going to be just my own thing without my roomate Tammy or anyone else knowing. So I turned to the internet to see what my options were and didn't like any until I came here. So comfy and a place that feels right. So I took these pictures of me fully nude this time and I was shaking the whole time and when I see them posted (hopefully) I think I'll have a heart attack and an orgasm at the same time.

I know this sounds like one of those made up stories so I have the sign to go with the pics to prove I am me. If anyone wants to email me or chat, I'd be thrilled.

Bring it on fellas!

Morgan - EMAIL ME!!



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