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It's been a couple of weeks since you've heard from us. Thanks for all your supportive emails.

So we were able to get away for a few days. We were talking to Penny's sister, Lillith, and she was a little down-she's in between relationships. So we asked her to come with us. That gave us a little bit of a problem. Penny really wanted to go to a nude beach, since she liked the experience so much. But Lillith didn't even know that we had ever been to a nude beach, and we didn't know if she had ever been, or if she'd even be comfortable with it. So after lots of discussion, Penny asked Lillith. Lillith immediately said yes, but didn't know if she'd participate. She'd never been to a nude beach, and not only that, she had never even flashed or shown her boobs to a guy she wasn't in a relationship with.

It was a long drive from where we were staying, and it seemed like forever until we got there. Penny stripped down to just bikini bottoms immediately. After a while, Lillith took off her top. Until then, I had never seen Lillith in anything less than a one piece bathing suit. I have to admit, I was surprised how much different Penny and Lillith's breasts look like. I did feel like the luckiest guy ever, laying next to two beautiful ladies (and four beautiful breasts). We saw plenty of naked people, and Lillith met a guy that she walked the beach with. When she walked away, Penny took off everything, and I got a few pics...sorry fellas, for my eyes only. We stayed for quite a while longer, and Penny and I took a walk also. Penny and Lillith had plenty of guys to look at, when we walked, I got my chance to check out a few ladies. Lillith even took a picture with a bunch of gawkers, all in street clothes (sorry, I didn't get a picture of that). They were stunned that this was her first trip, as she had no trouble showing her boobs.

We finally left the beach, and all the talk was about sex. We had such a great time talking about sex on the way back to our hotel. Lillith gave us a headstart up to the room and we took advantage of it, having an outstanding romp in bed. By the next morning, things were much easier to navigate around the hotel room. Without our inhibitions, it was easier to get changed. With our inhibitions down, Penny also decided to show Lillith her pictures from TODP. Well, one thing led to another and we did a few pictures in the hotel room. I included pictures from both the beach and the hotel here. I know what you must be thinking and there wasn't any sex-remember that Penny and Lillith are sisters and I'm a one woman man.

Please feel free to give feedback to Penny or Lillith - we will make sure that Lillith gets her messages. I also have some of Lillith by herself, which she may let me post if she gets good feedback. Or maybe she'll surprise Penny and I and post some here herself. Lillith, I dare you!

John & Penny - EMAIL ME!!



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