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Hey guys and girls!

Its R and F again, overwhelmed by all the amazing emails and pictures sent from some of you! It was amazing to hear all the positive comments especially about my tits :P I'm not gonna lie, it definitely made for some really good sex and kept me nice and wet! I thought I would send a few more in from our trip and with a little story....The pics are of me on our balcony, the beach with onlookers in the distance, and in the hot tub where this story takes place....

So you can't see it in the picture but on the other side of the hot tub was a small structure with a Mens and Womans washroom and a little shaded spot with a table and garden, After F got super horny in the hot tub with me exposing my breasts to him for pictures and pleasure he asked me to just trust him and not ask any questions. Without hesitation I got up and followed him, He went into the Men's room made sure it was clear then came back out, grabbed my hand and pulled me in! At this point I was extremely nervous, but he was kissing my neck instantly which always gets me in the mood and helped me calm down a bit...well, kissing turned into my top being off and facing the mirror, F then slipped my bottoms over to the side and started to fuck me from behind! It didn't take long for me to orgasm, again, and again, until F finally came all inside me and kissed my neck once more. Once he was done I quickly grabbed my top and fixed my bottoms and followed F out the door half topless and half trying to put it back on...just as two guys we had met earlier at the bar with their gf's turned the corner and all had full view of me pretty well topless and knowing exactly what just went down!!! It was extremely awkward until one of the guys winked at me and said "glad your enjoying yourselves" as the rest all giggled! It made it easier for me to keep going topless on the beach after that since I didn't really care who saw anymore!

Hey Guys, F here! Just wanted to say....I would re live that moment over and over again ;) I would have done it with guys in there watching :P she's hot...i know....i love my life!

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