Adult Theater Experience

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Adult Theater Experience



As I said, here is part two!

Although, not a ton of you begged :p, I will still post this time, but I would love it if you would tell me what you would do to me if you were there.

I love stories and photos, so please send!

Our Adult Theare Experience:

My husband C and I wanted to try something a bit different than our previous normal theatre experience that we last posted, so we decided to go to this adult theatre we found. We were both very excited on the way there, but when we walked in we both became a bit quiet. We walked around the sex toys area for about 20 minutes before deciding to actually go into the theatre part. That's not important though! ;)

When we walked into the theatre, we noticed two other men sitting in the top row in either side. We walked all the way down and sat in the second row from the front. For the first coupe of minutes, we sat there and watched the porn movies that played. After a few minutes had passed, C reached over and started to rub in between my legs through my pants. I then reached over and did the same to him. We continued to watch the movie, exchanging kisses every so often, and C would kiss and bite my neck every now and then also. After getting tired of paying attention to the movies, C reached his hand down my pants and felt around the outside of my pussy, and then slowly worked in while he undid his pants for me so I could play with his cock. He reached up the back of my shirt, and un hooked my bra, and pulled it off of me. Right when he did this, one of the men sitting on the top row moved to the row right behind us so he could watch. I became so nervous. C pulled one of my boobs out of my shirt and rubbed and sucked on it. He then asked me if I wanted to ask the guy (we will call him guy #1) that was watching to join us. I didn't say anything, i wasnt sure what i wanted, i was just so nervous. So C then asked me to suck his dick. I hesitated before I went down, putting my face in his lap, and putting his thick cock in my mouth. He grabbed my ass and played with my tits.

As I sat up, a new guy walked in (this will be guy #2). He sat in the row behind us also. C told me to continue what i was doing, but with the new viewer i was even more nervous. I hesitated even longer this time, but i finally went down, putting C's dick in my mouth. As i did this, C called guy #1 over without me knowing. All of the sudden, both guys came and sat down next to us. Guy #1 sat next to me, and guy #2 sat next to C. My body was shaking, and i was really scared, i wasn't sure if this was what i wanted. I kept my head down for a really long time, i didn;t want to look at either of these men, just in case i initiated something.

I had to sit up, i felt like i couldn't breathe. So instead of sucking on C's long, thick cock, he put my hand on it, telling me to rub it. A few seconds in, guy #2 grabbed my hand and started rubbing C's cock along with me. Can you imagine what went through my head then? Guy #1 was watching the 3 of us, and i guess he looked a bit jealous, because C took my hand and placed it on guy #1's dick. It was sort of soft when i first touched it, but as i rubbed, he got very hard. I heard guy #2 ask C if i would give head. I think i said yes, i had no control over my body. Guy #2 stood up in front of me, and put his hand on the back of my head, then put his dick in my mouth. So right then, i was rubbing two cocks, and sucking one. Guy #1 seemed very hesitant to touch me. He would lightly run his fingers down my arm, or lightly touch my breast. It was actually kind of a nice balance to all of the upcoming stuff ;).

It was finally my turn to get something in return. Guy #1 stood up behind my seat, while guy #2 pulled down my pants to my ankles, i was still rubbing C's cock. Guy #2 started off by licking my clit, and around my pussy, then delicatley licking the inside. C slowly pushed my head over to guy #1, telling me to suck his dick. Guy #2 massaged my pussy and clit, while licking me at the same time. One of my favorite things.

Guy #1 decided to move places again, and come back to standing next to me. Guy #2 said that C and I should have sex. C was sitting in his chair, so i sat on his lap facing the screen while i slowly lowered myself onto his dick. I bounced up and down on him, with his hands on my tits, and guy #2's finger in my ass until he came inside me. Everything was wet all over.

Niether guy #1 or #2 came for me, but we had to leave. Maybe if we had more time they would have.

Hope you enjoyed! ;)

And Happy Valentines Day!

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