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Hey everyone, I'm new and glad I was able to find a site like this.

I don't know if I would necessarily call myself a Swinger, but that seems to be the most appropriate term. Anyway, I guess I am interested in feedback from those who are familliar with this lifestyle, any thoughts on the whole matter will be greatly appreciated. My whole situation is pretty messy, and I am so lost!! I hope this is not too confusing.

I'm 22 and I've been with my boyfriend now for almost two years. I love him, he is an amazing man. In the beginning of our relationship I felt myself kind of attracted to his best friend/roomate. Though I swore to myself nothing was going to come of it. But I would have all kinds of fantasies about threesomes with my boyfriend and his friend. When I asked people their thoughts on this "hypothetical" situation, everyone basically laughed and said there was no way something like that would ever become a reality.

Long story short, four months into our relationship my boyfriend casually questioned me as to how I felt about threesomes. I admitted a MMF threesome was a fantasy of mine. And then he actually suggested we have one with his friend! I could not believe it! At the time I was too freaked out, and so nothing actually happened.

Months passed, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. My attraction to his friend only grew knowing my boyfriend wanted it too. Then last January, while the three of us were hanging out and partying, my boyfriend brought the idea up to me again, and at that point I was definitely ready. So I initiated it, and his friend was only too happy to go along. We had 3 threesomes in total. The sex really was as great as I thought it would be.

A lot of time has gone by since our last threesome. But I think about having another one every single day. It is tough because every night it is the three of us hanging out together. My boyfriend and I plan to someday move into our own place, but right now the three of us kind of live together.

I must confess that even though even though we haven't had a threesome in awhile, I still take every opprotunity to make-out with his friend. After my boyfriend and I retire to bed I'll sneak back downstairs for a few minutes to be with his friend. The thing is that I always tell my boyfriend when I do this. And he never forbids me.

My boyfriend had admitted to wanting to have sex with a man...namely, his friend. When he brings up having another threesome, the main purpose this time is for he and his friend to fool around. (I think that his friend is also bi-curious...he has in the past talked about being attracted to men). So then I wonder if maybe my boyfriend is using me as a way to get closer to his friend (just like I did?) What would it be like if the two of them had sex? Should I encourage it?

My boyfriend talks about wanting to Swing, and having a MFF threesome. I tell him that I like the idea of that too, touchinga girl would be fun, but I like men better. Why does he let me get away with making out with his friend every once in awhile?

I feel guilty in a way, but then I think that the idea of me being sexual with his friend turns my boyfriend on. There have been times during sex when he wanted me to describe to him things I did alone with his friend, and it turned him on. Sometimes when I go downstairs to use the bathroom and he knows his friend is down in the livingroom he'll say stuff to me like "You should flash him when you walk by" or "You should just go down naked." There have actually been times when we've been hanging out and my boyfriend pulled my skirt up to show his friend my new underwear. I end up wet for over an hour after that and my boyfriend knows it.

What I would ideally want is for us to just have MMF threesomes. I get so horny with the thought and it can be with his friend or someone else we meet. I feel hooked and can't get enough. Once you try 2 men sucking and pleasing your body all over it's hard not to want that anymore. I know he wants that too but because of what is socially 'appropriate' I am having a hard time letting myself go.

Okay, anyone ever been in an even remotely similiar situation? Any thoughts or advice? I'm sorry if I sound totally dumb...I never thought I'd find myself in a situation like this!

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