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Fun with Friends

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So recently we went on vacation to visit some friends. Me and T took this opportunity to also visit Chinatown and we thought it would be a good chance to do some more public pics. Unfortunately there were a lot more people walking around then we expected despite it being the off season, so we couldn't really get as many or as amazing pics as we wanted to.

Still the vacation was great. While taking the pic on the stairs a security guard actually came from behind right after T had taken the pic. We're pretty sure he saw something since he made a really embarrassed face as he went down the stairs, but he didn't say anything so we're not totally sure.

Besides Chinatown we also have a little story, well moment to tell. Normally when we visit our friends, they host little parties/kickbacks at their house, and we all drink quite a bit. For some reason all the crazy stuff, like streaking and stripping always happen when we're not in town visiting, but this time around was a little different.

It was getting pretty late and everyone, beside the couple hosting (who we will call M and F, for male/female) and another male friend (who we will call J) of ours had left. We had all drank quite a bit and the conversation started to get a bit risky. We had previously told the F about our exhibitionism and how we post pics. Well to kind have a bit of a thrill I asked her if she had taken a look at them yet, knowing M and J would ask, what pics. So the conversation turned to our little endeavors and fetishes.

This of course led both of them to want to see, so we showed them, they both seemed to get really excited from this, especially J. It seemed like he couldn't keep his eyes off me, though he was being very polite about it, and I could tell he was getting a bit of a hard on. Being a bit of a tease I blurted out, "Why don't you take a look at the real things they are better then looking at pics." So of course they asked T if they could.

I was currently sitting in T's lap when he quickly said "sure" and proceeded to lift up my shirt and bra leaving my bare tits for all three to see. I stood up to give them a better look as M and J moved in closer, standing no more than a foot away. Suddenly, too my surprise, T came up behind me, locking both my arms behind my back using one of his and the other one to grope my breast as he exclaimed "The feel is even more amazing, they're super soft, go ahead see for yourselves." Both J and M took a breast in hand working them around with their fingers. J even teased my nipple a bit.

As he suddenly pinched and pulled it, I'm not ashamed to say he caught me off guard and caused quite the moan to come out. This seemed to almost send him over the edge as he was very complimentary toward my body for the rest of the night. After putting my shirt back down, J exclaimed it wasn't fair that I was the only one putting on a show and that F should show her goods as well which T also agreed with. She followed up reminding both of them that they have seen her breasts already.

So after a bit of back and forth they got her to agree to let them feel them, under her shirt which they both seemed to enjoy very much. Even after things settled down J turned his attention to my butt. A beer bottle had rolled down the driveway under one of the cars (I should probably add in this all happened in their driveway full view of anyone that may have still been awake that late) so I went to pick it up.

As I bent over leaving my butt in the air, J pointed out how great my ass looked. So I told him why not get a feel of it as well. He again asked T if it was alright, which of course it was, and he continued to grab my ass, massaging it in his hand. He complimented me saying it felt amazing, but sadly that it all that happened that night.

Though we will be visiting again in Christmas most likely, so we will see ;)


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