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Sexy Threesome Post

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Happy new year! Hope everyone had a good holiday, because I know I did. And I'm sure everyone is eager to hear what happened with our friend J.

We had originally planned to go take pics at an abandoned place, and we invited J to come watch, but due to time restrictions we didn't get a chance to go check out the location. So, instead, we invited J over to a friends house to have some fun ;). First T had me strip naked in front of J and started tying me up. J seemed to eagerly watch as my body was being bound.

Afterwards T dumped his bag of goodies and explained what each of our toys/accessories was for. Then T grabbed the blindfold and slipped it over my eyes so I couldn't see what they were about to do next.

Once vulnerable, T convinced J to pull out his dick and had me suck and lick it. It was a bit different for me since I had never sucked an uncircumcised man before. I began to do the usual, lick the tip, along the shaft, and down to the balls; taking everything I could into my mouth. With my other hand, I guided myself to T's and gave him a little attention as well.

T lifted me up and started to fuck me from behind while I sucked on J, which was a lot harder than I thought lol girls make it look so easy in porn! But I quite enjoyed it. After a bit, T and J switched; J began to finger me while I sucked on T, making me cum a few times.

We then decided to move to the couch to finish up, J offered to film T fucking me. While on the couch, T gripped his hand around my neck, sending me into ecstasy and making me cum so hard.

Once everything was done, we relaxed and watched a few movies.

On New Year's Eve, our friends M and F hosted a party. I teased about the threesome to F and made a deal that if she went streaking with me I would tell her who it was with. T and M added to the deal that they would also streak if we went to the bedroom afterwards. I agreed and streaked; it was so cold outside! We then ran to the bedroom. F and I stripped down and T pulled out his bag. We all toyed with F, which she seemed to enjoy. F gave M a blowjob while I gave T one. We then swapped, T went down on F and I went down on M. To finish up, T did me while M did F. By the time we were finished it was so late so we ended up staying the night!


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