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Well I guess we have you all wanting to know the details of Terry's HOT evening with a woman. Even the TODP Webmaster asked us to send the details. I (Rick) will have to tell the story, since Terry was oblivious of what was going on around her. So, tell us what you think.

The evening started out by going to a swingers club with a couple we met on a swingers site. This was our first time going to a swingers club and trying this lifestyle.

I'll describe the couple as him (the husband) as "H" and her (the wife) as "C". Both are a down to earth, very friendly and attractive couple. C is short with long, thick curly brown hair, and beautiful large breasts.

H and C have been in the lifestyle for about a year and have a little experience with it, but they too have never been to a club. Earlier that day, Terry and I talked about what could happen and if we were ready or not. I gave her my support and told her that I was okay with any decision she made. And she gave me the same.

When we arrived we were all a little nervous, not really knowing what to expect. We were given a tour of the place and told the rules, which included putting a sticker over the camera lens of our phones and told No Pictures or Video. We found a quiet corner table in the ballroom where there was dancing and socializing going on. We sat and watched what was going on around us with amazement. Women were dressed very provocatively and showing almost everything.

As the evening went on, we just talked and drank, when an other couple asked if they could sit with us. I'll call her "E" and him "J". We all just talked and watched grinding and fingering going on around us. We sat right next to a table with two liters of soda and ice, so everybody had to come by us at some point.

The Ice breaker!

A very attractive woman sat next to J. I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but then she pulled her top back revealing her perky breasts. E had gotten up and started talking to her husband when this woman got up and walked over to C and started kissing her. We all just stared. She got up came around to Terry and sat on my lap, leaned over and started to kiss Terry. OMG! I got so turned on by this!!! This woman was wearing a shear see through dress, if that's what you want to call it. And while she was sitting on my lap, I began to let my hands wander up and down her legs, up to her breasts and down to her smooth as silk pussy. All the while her husband was standing right behind me.

Then, all of a sudden this woman pulls Terry's breast out and starts to lick her nipples. C said Oh Wow! And I looked up at everyone staring at them. This was the icebreaker that we needed.

After that woman got up and left, Terry began to caress C's breasts and C pulled her top back revealing her beautiful breasts and pierced nipples. Terry leaned over and licked C's nipple and came up and let me do the same. I've never experienced a woman with pierced nipples before. It was awesome.

Terry leaned towards C and began to kiss her, then working back down to her nipples. Terry ran her hand up her leg and hiked up her skirt revealing her shaved pussy. She began to dip her fingers into C's dripping wet pussy. C began to moan while leaning her head back. J, H and I just watched.

H got up and left the room briefly, so I stood up and moved around to C's other side. I started licking and sucking C's other breast, running my hand up C's leg up to her finger filled pussy. I slid my finger along side of Terry's finger and we both fingered her. The moaning became louder. H came back into the room seeing me working on the other side of C and he said " OK! Wow". I've never done nothing like this to another guy's wife before and got a little nervous so I retracted from the play. I got up and kissed C as she leaned up to me, then went back to my seat.

That's when E came around to take over where I left off. Both Terry and E were all over her, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. I think E even had an orgasm during all the fun. C leaned up and started to kiss Terry and put her hand down Terry's pants and she returned the favor by sucking her nipples and brought Terry to orgasm.

The amazing thing is a lot of people would walk up to get soda and ice and they weren't phased by what was going on. Some would stop and look and then continue on. It was definitely an awesome experience and we are looking forward to going back to the club again. This time, who knows!

The pics that are submitted were requested by some of Terry's fans.

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