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Filling the Car

BY: Holly

After my last dare poll ended with a huge tie I was given this punishment dare of sorts. I had thought that the ?Locked out in a towel? dare had won. So, I did that dare before the poll had ended. Not wanting to do 100 dares at once I said I would do one dare that the group or OZ would come up with. The dare that was chosen was again to deal with a towel.

This time I would have to pump gas in only a towel. There was no way that I was going to do this dare in the daylight. I waited until 1:00 before I even dared set out. The main problem was getting out of the house in only the towel without my husband knowing I was gone. I had parked across the street to be sure the sound of the car starting up wouldn?t wake him. However, that meant that I would have to cross the street in only a towel. The other problem was getting him to go to bed with out me going to bed first. He almost always waits for me to go to be first. I think if I stayed up all night he would to just to be the last one to get in the bed. LOL However, after taking NyQuil he was out like a light. I knew that he would be out cold for hours. It was kind of mean to take advantage of him being ill to do the dare, but it is better then explaining it to him.

Wrapped in only the towel I quietly slipped out the back door and made my way to the front of the house. I knew he wouldn?t hear me if I went out the back as easy. So, I made my way to the front of the house and toward the street. I was nervous as hell when I got to the front of the house. It was windy and cold. It had rained all day! So, the towel was blowing and there were still cars going back and forth even at this hour. I stayed close to the house until the road seemed clear. Then I made a break for it.

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Trying to run in that towel was really hard. It is short and kept gapping open as I ran. Looking both ways I dashed across the street and to the car. I almost got in before a car zipped past. I was so glad they didn?t honk. Maybe they didn?t notice I was only in a towel. I was I the car and on my way. I can?t tell you how hard my heat was beating. I was sweating even though it was really cool outside. It was a cold sweat. When I get nervous my chest gets really flushed. So, does my neck. I blush so bad. I knew I had to be blushing before I even left the house. As I made it to the station, about 6 or 7 blocks away I was really nervous. I would have gone out farther, but I didn?t want to be away from home too long. This might have been a dumb idea. What am I saying? It was a dumb idea! I got to the well- lighted station about 1:15 or 1:20 in the morning. I should have checked the clock, but I had other things on my mind.

Getting out of the car was hard. My feet felt like lead. They simply wouldn?t move. I tried to get out of the car about 3 times before it hit me that I better do it before the called the cops. Then as soon as I did another car pulled in and went to the pump across the station. They didn?t see me as I slid the card to pay for the gas. As soon as I got the green light I lifted the lever started to pump the gas. I only needed about a quarter of a tank, so it didn?t really take long to fill the tank. It just seemed to take forever. The wind was blowing and the towel was starting to slide a bit. I tried to hold it with one arm while pumping the gas with the other. After the pump stopped I replaced the nozzle and waited for my bill to print out. As soon as that was done I gave a little wiggle. As you know part of the dare was to lose the towel before I got back in the car. You would have thought the wind would have blown it off, but the pumps served as a good windbreak. LOL I wiggled again and finally had to just pull the thing off to get it to fall.

Then I looked around and bent over and picked it back up. The sad thing is no one noticed. Or if they did, they didn?t seem to care. So, I put it back on and got in my car. The ride home was just as nerve racking as the trip there, but getting in the house was much easier then getting out. When I crawled into bed, I was horny, but no dice! The NyQuil was still working its charms! I know this dare was not as wild as others I have done, or as it could have been. LOL But, it was still a lot of fun to do. I had a great time and can?t wait to do my next dare!



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