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MFM Threesome

BY: Train Chicks

Girls: ever had sex with two men at the same time? Inside you at the same time? <><><><><>

Last June 3 of my girlfriends & I decided to go down to Myrtle Beach for the Senior Week there. Of course everynight we all got pretty wasted. One night we ran into these 2 guys staying in our hotel. All 6 of us hung out a bit then the 2 guys, one of my friends, and myself went for a walk on the beach. Well my friend didn't want any part of them since she was a goodie. She left and I was there with these 2 increadibly hot and horny guys. We decided to go back to the hotel in order to "get more acquainted."

The boys were very nice about the whole thing, asking me if had had a 3some before, etc. I said I was up for the challenge. They stripped me of my dress and made me stand in the doorway of the bathroom as the first guy started kissing & touching me. The second guy is stanting behind me and starts fingering my wet pussy. I was so increadibly turned on at this point - having 2 guys focus their attention on only you is amazing. So #2 bends me over and enters from behind, he's probably the biggest I've ever had. The sex was rough and fast... PERFECT. #1 decides that I can take some more and gets underneath me to provide some wonderful tounge action on my clit. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to come and #2 came with me... awesome!

We then moved onto one of the beds where #1 had me bent over... only he wanted the ass. Sure... why not? I've never done it before, but there's a first time for everything, right? He starts fingering my ass as I'm sucking off #2. So eventually I feel #1 just thrust right into me.


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Yes, it hurt a little at first... but people are right when they say it feels good. I don't know if the guys schemed to do this or not... but they both came at the same time - deep in my mouth and deep in my ass - wow! And I've never saw them again... the wonders of vacation!


Yes, I had sex with two men at the same time.

Through the internet I had a blind date with two men. It was exciting. After having something to drink they took place beside me and took of my clothes. This happend so fast that I got scared at first, but to feel 4 hand over my body took away all fear.

Each of the men took one of my tits and sucked it hard while used their free hands to pushed a lot of fingers in my pussy and ass. It took them little time to get me soaking wet.

One of the men stopped en sat down on the sofa. He spread his legs while the other men told me to get on my knees between the other mens legs. He opend his pants and took out a long, not to thick, dick. It must have about 20 cm and it was rockhard. He held my head, pushed it down over his dick and back. Every time he pushed he pushed harder en further. While he fucked my throat the second men took off his pants and pushed his dick in my soaking wet cunt.

I could not see his dick but it felt bigger then the one in my mouth. It came in deep and the men was so horny that he rammed his dick in my cunt real hard. After a few minutes with every push of his dick in my cunt he put a finger in my ass.

He got me real horny and it didn't take long before I came real hard. The man in my mouth used my orgasm to get deeper in my mouth. After my orgasm he came in my throat. As he shot his load deep in my throat, giving me trouble to take it, the second man still fucked my cunt. But now he already had four fingers in my ass. He took his dick out of my cunt and told the man in front of me to hold me strong because he needed my ass and laughed.

I got nerveus. The sperm of the first in my mouth and on my face and not to know what happend behing me. That didn't take long, I felt his dick against my ass and the hand of the other man holding my head down. With one very painfull push he rammed his dick in my ass, didn't give me time to adjust, but started fucking my ass real hard. It hurted a lot and not as some say, the pain changed into hornyness. Nothing of that....he kep fucking my ass for minutes till he shoot his load deep in my ass.

He took his dick out en turned me around and pushed me, with my ass, on the first mans dick which was all hard again. The second came in front of me and held his dick for my mouth. It just came in my ass and I didn't want to suck it now. But he thought different, he opend my mouth and got me suck him hard again. Then he got on his knees between my legs. He started to fuck me and came a second time, this time in my cunt. As fast as he got in het took his dick out en rammed 4 fingers in my cunt. With his dick in my ass the other men held me strong agains his breast while the second pushed his fingers deeper. He shouted to the man behind me "wow, she is a horny bitch, hold her, I want to fist her." I begged not to do that, but he was to horny to listen. He got in and out with his fingers harder and faster and then he just pushed. It hurted like hell when the biggest part of his hand entered my cunt. He held his hand still while the other started to fuck my ass again and it took him just a few seconds to shoot his load deep in my ass.

After removing his dick from my ass he came from under me and wanted me to suck his dick clean. I couldn't concentrate on sucking him with the fist in my cunt. He started to move hurts as much to pull his hand out as when it came in. After getting his fist in and out 6 or 7 times he stopped and they left.

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