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Totally Nude in Public

BY: Melinda's Mistress

I have been having correspondence with another person who enjoys exhibiting, and we have been exchanging dares. The following is of my first dare.

The dare was to go into a gas station or convenience store wearing only a T-shirt long not quite long enough to cover my fanny. Once in the shop, I was to ask to use the restroom. If asked why I was dressed as I was, I was to say that this was a dare and I was a sex slave.

After some confusion and additional questions to my dare partner, I was also set to included my friend Melinda as Mistress. Also I had to consume a large amount of water so that I really had to pee. Prior to departing on the dare I had to masturbate, but not to climax, so that I'd be horny. Also, because we couldn't decide what shirt I was to wear or whether I should go in the nude, this decision was left to Melinda.

Guess what she chose -- totally nude.

She would drop me off a distance from the store and I had to walk there naked. She would go to the store and observe while acting like a customer, and I could not leave the store until after she left. (I think I got it all, so this is what happened)

Melissa thinks doing stuff like this is totally bizarre but she finds it amusing that I get into it, and she thought it was great fun.

Before we left, Melinda loaded me up with water. I drank almost two quarts!! About 8:45 pm, she had me strip at her house before we left and put my clothes in the trunk where I couldn't get at them. She remembered that I had to masturbate, but not climax, before going into the store. (she remembers everything...ugh!!) I masturbated in front of her at her house. All the while she is laughing hysterically over the entire situation. She did let me come twice though.

And while driving there she made me be nude in the car. And during the drive she had me play with myself, too. And on the way she had me drink more. Before we even got there I felt like I was going to explode.

Melinda drove 45 minutes away from my home, to an area we had been in a few times. Big, rich houses occasionally stood among regular houses, small apartment buildings, and the occasional convenience store. Around 9:30pm, we found a Circle-K store. So after 2 quarts or more of water, and nearly three orgasms, we arrived.

She had me get out of the car two blocks away on the other side of a small park. She drove away honking the car horn and laughing. (she seems to really enjoy torturing me) :) I walked through the park, then then across a small street to the Circle-K. un)Luckily :) no one seemed appeared to be in the park. I started off over the cool grass. About a quarter of the way, two people came walking in my direction. I stopped, startled at first, wondering, "Oh oh, what's gonna happen?"

But I kept walking. The couple, a guy and girl in their 20's, got closer. When she got a good look at me, the girl put her hand to her mouth and said "Oh my god!"

The guy dropped the girl's other hand. They both ran the short distance to me, the guy shrugging off his light jacket. As they came up to me, he tried to put the jacket on my shoulders. They said things like "Are you alright? Can we help you?" It was nice to see people who still care and offer help in case I was in trouble.

I felt embarrassed -- imagine that! I said something like "No honestly, I'm OK". Then I explained that I was performing a dare and that I was a sex slave as part of the dare. (Saying that was embarrassing, too.) The couple looked relieved and curious. The guy got a sort of hungry look. So I said, "Thanks for your help."

Then I continued across the park. I could see the Circle-K with Melinda's car parked in front of it, but I couldn't see her. As I approached the edge of the park, someone left the store, got in their car, and drove away.

I turned and looked back at the couple. They had stopped in the middle of the park and were watching me. When they saw me, they waved. I waved back and felt like pressing my knees together. I really had to pee bad. In fact, this was turning me on. I had memories of that incident in the amusement park restroom.

I stopped and made myself pee, just a little bit, then stop. After that I felt like I had to pee even more, but I went on. I got to the street. No one and no cars were around. I looked back once more and saw the couple coming my way. Maybe they had decided to come and watch.

I crossed the street, walked over the sidewalk to the store, and opened the door. As I grabbed the handle, I saw Melinda a few aisles away looking toward me. She smiled big and ducked down behind the shelves. I walked in. A kid of twelve or thirteen walks out of an aisle carrying a big cup of soda, heading toward the register. He hears the door open, looks, and sees me naked. His mouth falls open and he drops the soda. It explodes in a big mess on the floor.

I have to walk through cold pop while the clerk yells at he kid and the kid stares at me, and I hear Melinda laughing somewhere. The clerk, a guy about 20 or so, turns and looks at me and his mouth drops too.

I hurried up to him. "Can I use your restroom?" I ask. "I gotta pee really bad!" The guy just stares, mouth hanging open. "Can I use your restroom?" I say again. I really did have to pee! Finally, he pointed to the corner and I ran there. In the toilet, my heart beat a million miles an hour. I sat down and tried to pee but I couldn't go. Finally it started flowing. After nearly 5 minutes -- or so it seemed -- I finished. I sat a while, wondering what they all were thinking out there. That got me sort of excited, so I began playing with myself. It didn't take long, but I stopped before orgasm.

Then I left the restroom. The clerk was moping up the soda, the kid was standing there, and so were the couple. Melinda was nearby watching too.

All of them, looking at me.


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I didn't know what to do then. Melinda wasn't leaving and I had to stay in the store as long as she was there. So I just stood. The kid put his hand in his pants and shifted himself. The guy also had a bulge in his jogging suit. Melinda came to the cash register with condoms -- of all things to buy! -- with a big, stupid smile on her face.

"Just a moment!" the clerk said, still mopping the floor. He slopped his mop around a couple of times, went to the cash register. Still looking at me, he took the condoms from Melinda.

"Hey!" said the kid. "I was here first."

"Oh, sorry," said the clerk. "What do you want?"

"My soda." He looked at the wet floor. "But I gotta get another one."

While the kid gets his soda, the clerk is looking at me and making Melinda wait. But she didn't care, and I'm sort of just standing there not knowing what to do. So, finally, I walked down one of the aisles. Still horny, I started to finger myself as I walked. It was extremely hard not to let myself go all the way.

Then I walked down the next aisle back to the cash register. The guy is ringing up the kid, but he and the kid are looking at me. When he starts to ring up Melinda, the kid is still staring, drinking his huge soda. Melinda purposely fumbles around for change.

I began to finger again and I no longer wanted to stop. So I masturbated vigorously right in front of them all. They stare in disbelief or shock or something. I couldn't take it any more and brought myself to climax right there. The circumstance made my peak the most invigorating I've ever given myself.

Melinda watches with that stupid smile of hers. Finally, she takes her package of condoms and leaves, looking back at me.

The clerk still looks stunned. He asks "Can I help you?"

"No," I say, not really thinking. "I'm still a virgin". I stood there wondering why I had said that, then shook my head. "Sorry." I went toward the door.

As opened the door, the couple came up to me. "Would you like to come over to our place?" asked the guy. I was surprised and had to think of an answer. "Ah, no. I'm with someone."

"Bring them too."

"No, sorry," I said. I opened the door and went out. I look for Melinda's car and saw her waiting in the middle of the street. As I approached she drove around the corner. "You Bitch!" I thought to myself.

She drove to the opposite side of the park and yelled "Come on!" and honked the horn. So I ran through the park and jumped in the car, heart beating like mad.

Melinda was laughing. And I started laughing too. Then she went around the block and drove past the front of the store. The couple, the kid and the clerk stood staring. Melinda honked the horn again and I waved at them. They just stood there and waved back.

We drove away -- me still naked cuz the clothes were in the trunk -- but I didn't care!

Melinda said, "OK, you can masturbate now."

"Oh, ok, yeah." I put my feet up on the dashboard, opened my legs, and ran my fingers over myself. I was still totally slippery. I closed my eyes and worked myself to peak again. It was great. When my eyes, I saw Melinda watching my hand. Hmm....

We finally got back to her place. I was all done and tired, but I went in and took a shower. When I came out Melinda lay on her bed naked.

"I want you to watch me," she said. And she proceeded to play with herself. That kind of excited me cuz it was the first time she ever did that in that way with me. After she had finished (which was exciting to see), we talked about it all and laughed.

Then, I went home, thought about it all some more and had to masturbate myself again.

Well, I gotta go. There is a county fair (carnival) and I'll probably do some "showing" there. I have some "naughty" plans!!!! I think I'll wear my mini-skirt (never- almost never any panties) and my white half cut tank-top (never a bra). County fairs, etc, are a great place to do some showing, I have found. And a good place for you "lookers" to see. I shall be posting more when I'm back. I can hardly wait!!!


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