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Cindy - Fuck My Wife Story

Setting Up My Wife

By: MiamiMark

It has been a while since I’ve written down any of my experiences with my ex-wife but after the amazing weekend I had with my girlfriend, I thought I would write some more down. As it turned out, this weekend my girlfriend Nat spent most of the time asking a thousand questions about the things I had done with my ex-wife… which seemed to turn her on more and more with each story.

The funny thing is she kept asking who the other guys were and I always kept them anonymous … since one of them happened to be her brother. I’m sure she would freak out if she found out her brother, Rick, slept with Cindy (my ex).

Anyways, Cindy had one swinging experience with Rick shortly after our marriage even though she had insisted she wanted to stop after the wedding. So much for self control …. Hahaha.

After that incident she confessed she loved it but really wanted to just spend time with me, one on one. I was more than happy to just focus on us but I admit that the thought of not watching her with another guy again did get me a little depressed.

About 10 months later, we went to a Halloween party with several of our friends. We waited too long and ran out of time to get a new costume so she picked one of her old outfits while I just picked out an old hat. Cindy went dressed as an Indian and I went as a cowboy. I know what you are thinking … ‘how original’. Luckily for me, her outfit was a little small on her and that made my night.

The party came and went.

Sometime in January, one of my closest friends, Chris, called me up to shoot the shit and ended up talking for several hours. At one point in the conversation we started to talk about which of our friends’ girlfriends and wives we found attractive. As he was recently divorced, you could tell he had thought quite a bit about it.

Then he asked a very peculiar question about my wife.

“Do you think Cindy has become more of a flirt?”

It caught me off guard but I answered that she is usually friendly but can come across as a flirt if you just met her. Then I asked him why and he hesitated but then confided in me that at the Halloween party he was dancing with Cindy for a couple of songs and she seemed to be coming on to him, dancing up close and being touchy. At one point at the party, he says, she smiled at him from across the room and wouldn’t stop looking at him.

I hadn’t noticed any of this at the party but then again I am usually oblivious to these things. Either my curiosity was peaked or I was being wishful because I kept asking him questions. In the end I told him it was probably his imagination. We continued talking about other stuff and then hung up.

That night I mentioned to Cindy that I had spoken to Chris and that I thought about inviting him over one night for dinner so he could see the house. She seemed very casual to the idea and agreed. I kept trying to read her but it looked as if my wish was just that … a wish.

Chris came over for dinner later that week and we all stayed awake till the early hours of the morning talking and watching television. Chris ended up spending the night in the guest room since he lived almost two hours away. Although I spent the night awake trying to figure out a way to have something happen, it proved useless.

Over the next 2 months Chris would come over almost once a week to watch movies with us and spend the night. Cindy felt bad for him since his breakup and she would ask me to see if he wanted to come over. Every time I called him I would ask him if he thought she was still coming on to him and what he thought about her. I could tell he was uncomfortable with my questions but I would pretend it was nothing. I would even tell him some of the outfits and things she would wear and do, trying to get him really turned on before he came over and hoping something might happen.


With Cindy I wouldn’t say anything She could always read me like a book and I didn’t want to upset her since it was her decision. One evening we got into an argument about how ‘any’ man would take the opportunity to scope and check out a woman even if it was his friend’s wife or girlfriend and even if the guy was in the room.

I convinced her that even Chris, who has been one of my longest and dearest friend and who she had known since the age of 6 and was a very close friend of her family, had been checking her out. She got irritated and insisted it was all in my head. So I said I would prove it next time he came over. She laughed at me and said, ‘good luck.’

The next time he came over was two weeks later and I’m pretty sure she forgot about our argument. On the way to our house, I called Chris and made sure to really work him up telling him a story about how she took some Polaroids of herself on my birthday and slipped them in with a card into my briefcase. I could tell he was clinging on every word.

He finally arrived and we enjoyed dinner and started watching a DVD movie. I could see from an angle that he kept glancing at Cindy. I knew what he was picturing … and I had it on Polaroids.

As we started to watch a second DVD, I excused myself to change into something more comfortable and Cindy jumped up to go the bathroom. As I was changing, Cindy walked passed me on the way to our bathroom and I stopped her and reminded her of the argument. She just looked at me and couldn’t make heads or tails of what I was up to. I told her to change into something a little sexier and see if he didn’t spend the rest of the night staring at her. She insisted he wasn’t even interested in her but agreed to do it. That is when I figured out that she was turned on by him … she didn’t put up a fight.

She took out her Victoria’s Secrets Angel shirt and shorts. A little white shirt with thin straps and a pair of very short shorts which were very lose. Given the right angle, you could see everything. To my surprise, she only wore panties … no bra. The shirt just draped over her c-cup milky breasts. Her light skin seemed darker next to the white outfit and I was aroused just staring at her.

The lights were off in the living room just as we had left them with only faint glow from the kitchen. When we returned, Chris was coming down the opposite hallway where the guest room was. He also took the opportunity to change into his boxer-like shorts and . I could see his eyes fixed on Cindy as she sat in the middle of the couch with each one of us on either side.

Cindy laid down in a fetal position with her head on my lap. Her legs and feet were bent and pressed against the side of Chris’s thigh. He kept looking down every chance he could to see her ass cheek practically outside the shorts as her legs touched his. My hand kept caressing her side down her hips and back to her shoulder, once in a while rubbing against her breast. The darkness concealed everything except the thighs which Chris on occasion was worshiping.

Half way through the movie, Cindy stood up and returned with a blanket. She went back to the same position and laid the blanket on top. Now, I know my wife and she doesn’t get cold easily so I knew she was getting turned on by my caressing and she wanted to have a little more privacy. Under the blanket I started to play with her nipples for a while; pinching them, rubbing them. Then I would run my hand down to her ass and follow the outline of her shorts until they felt wet. I slipped in and realized she had taken off her panties when she got the blanket.

After a while I looked down and her eyes were closed and twitching on occasion. She was lost in the moment. I looked over and was caught off guard as Chris was blatantly staring at where my hand was moving under the blanket. My heart was beating fast and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m not sure how I got the courage at that point but as I kept fingering her and rubbing my hand down the back of her thighs, I carefully inched the blanket off her ass … exposing the entire view to Chris.


His eyes darted up and caught mine in a look of absolute embarrassment and horror as he realized I was looking at him. With my right arm I reached my lips and made a ‘hush’ motion and smiled. I motioned for him to go ahead and touch her. I wiggled my index finger in the air to suggest he stick his finger inside of her but he just stared at me. I made a ‘come-on’ face and repeated the motion.

As I pulled out my fingers and carefully lifted my hand without raising my arm, he reached down and rubbed her wet, wet shorts sliding his fingers up and down until they slipped in, between her lips. He tried to keep real still as his hand kept repeatedly sliding in and out. As he started to go faster, I motioned for him to slow down.

After a few minutes the movie was ending and he pulled his fingers out and into his mouth. I continued to softly caress her and placed the blanket back over her ass. We all watched the credits and then stood up as if nothing had happened to go the restroom and change the DVD for our final movie. Cindy left first and I took the opportunity to walk up to Chris as he was walking down the hall. I simply told him that if he wanted to take advantage and make a move on her tonight, he could. I could see the look of disbelief in his eyes. I simply told him that I was going to go to bed early and that he can do whatever he could get away with.

After everyone was back, the DVD was already starting and I excused myself to go to bed since I had had a very long day. Cindy followed me into the bedroom and gave me a really big kiss. She was hoping that I would have been up longer since she was so turned on and wanted to fuck. I apologized and said I was exhausted but if she wanted to after she watched the movie she could always wake me up. She smiled.

I then told her that I was right … Chris did check her out the entire night in her outfit. She admitted she saw it too and laughed about it. Then I told her in a joking way that now I understood why she was so turned on and she giggled.

After about 20 minutes , and for the next hour, I stood outside our bedroom door and stood as close as possible to the edge of the hallway which opened to the living room hoping I would hear some sounds of activity. I was convinced Chris was too nervous to try anything. I could picture him on the opposite end of the couch staring straight at the television, petrified.

All I could hear was the television. My frustration was getting the best of me and I was about to just jump out there and yell … “would you just fuck her!!!”

I heard someone walking to the kitchen and I darted to the bedroom just incase it was Cindy and she wanted to go to the bathroom. After I felt it was safe again, I returned.

I was tired of standing and decided to call it quits. I figured I would peek around the corner and say something lame like, “could you lower the television a little bit?”, just so I could see how much of a wimp Chris really was.

As I took a step out of the hallway I was stopped in mid stride and leaped back behind the shadows of the hallway. My head peaked carefully around the corner and couldn’t believe what I saw. Chris was sitting on one end of the couch his shorts off, stroking his cock with his left hand. Cindy was laying flat on her stomach facing the other end as one leg rested on his legs and the other leg was lightly tucked behind his back with her foot raised and almost resting on his shoulder.

She was completely naked and her head was buried into the cushions of the couch. One hand tightly held on the armrest and the other one lingered back next to her leg. Chris’s right hand has vigorously fingering Cindy’s ass, her hips gyrating to his rhythm. She would reach back and stop his hand once in a while and then let go. I figured it may have been painful but you could tell she wanted more.

Chris soon stood up and pulled her legs off the couch and her knees hit the floor. Her ass was bright red even from where I stood. He knelt behind her and grabbed her shoulders letting his hands run down her back with his finger tips pressed into her skin. I could see the lines against her white skin. He took a hold of her hips and began to fuck her. Looking back I can honestly say he was sexually wound up after all that and you could see he was letting it all out.

He would stick his thumb in her ass as he piled into her and I loved it. Although she had always been against anal sex, she was beginning to get really turned on by being forced to have it. I couldn’t really understand it. If I were to try gently she would refuse.

I was quite surprised at how quiet they were … so quiet I thought they could hear me masturbating behind the wall.


He pulled out and leaned down to eat her out from behind. Then he turned her over and laid her on her back on the couch with her head against the back cushions. Lifting her legs over his shoulders and pressing down, he kissed her as he slid his cock inside. Their lips never parted and from my point of view (an angle) they were making out like there was no tomorrow.

Chris was on top of her with her legs over his shoulders and her knees almost on the sides of her head. Our couch is fairly deep so her head was slightly tilted to the side. Chris’s arms pressed down on her legs and his hands were interlocked with hers, stretched on either side of her. Wow, I didn’t know she was so flexible. His thighs practically cradled her ass and thighs as he fucked her. The couch would sink every time he pounded harder.

Cindy let out a little scream but he kept kissing her, sticking his tongue deeper and muffling her sounds into his mouth. This is the first time I heard anything. She kept letting out little moans into his kisses and it took me a few minutes to figure it out but he had taken the opportunity to get his cock into her ass and was slowly pulling in and out. Each muffled yelp was a thrust. I could see her hands tightly clenching his, but she kept her tongue as deep in his as he was in hers.

Then he let go of her and straightened himself while holding down her thighs, pressed against her as he jerked a few times, pushing a little harder into her. He came in her ass and then stood up walked to the restroom down the other hall.

Cindy just lay where he left her, with one hand caressing her own breast. I could see she was satisfied.

I quickly went back to the bedroom and jumped into bed … and waited … and waited … and waited. It was hell.

Finally she came in and got into bed. I was pretending to be asleep when she slipped under the covers and began to give me a blowjob. I quickly ‘woke-up’ and started to fool around, dying to say something. She got on top of me and as she moved up and down, she leaned forward and told me that Chris had fucked her.

I pretty much exploded right there and she told me all the details. I never did tell her that I saw or that I told Chris about it, and she never suspected it. The only thing I didn’t know was that the entire time I was standing in the hall at the beginning, they were in the kitchen.

Apparently, she had gone to get some soda for both of them when the movie was about to start and he followed her into the kitchen. He drank his soda in the kitchen while chatting with her about his ex-wife and then he mentioned how I was so lucky to have someone like her … so great, so pretty, and sexy. She felt a little uncomfortable when he called her sexy and she blushed so he quickly apologized and gave her a ‘friendly’ hug like so many times before, except this time she could feel his erection and froze.

When he let go she turned around embarrassed and was putting her unused glass back in the cupboard when he pressed up against her, took her glass to put it in the cabinet, and he made sure she felt his arousal. I swear this is a scene right from a movie.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and she spun around thinking of a way to get out of it but by the time she knew it he picked her up onto the counter and began to kiss her and run his hands up her legs and thighs. She didn’t realize she wanted it so much that it took no effort for him to press his body between her legs to separate them and allow his hand to run his fingers right into her. This went on for a while.

She wanted to leave for a minute to tell me but he was so rough (in a way she likes), he slid her off the counter and was fucking her against it in seconds, her shorts on the floor, and her shirt in the sink. Cindy showed me all the marks he left on her from the nibbles and bites on her tits to the hard squeezes of her ass.

He told her he didn’t want her to make a sound or he would stop. So he kept trying harder and harder, putting his hand into her mouth every time she was about to moan, yell, or sigh. He wanted her to yell and he tried everything.

Then she got on her knees and gave him a blowjob. She said his cock was about my size in length but it was the thickness she had a problem with. Cindy’s mouth isn’t very wide and I knew by what she said it was hard to suck, but she did it. He kept holding her head as he pushed into her mouth and he kept telling her to squeeze her tits until they were red.

Finally, he stood her up and leaned her on and over the sink. He kept gripping her ass hard in a lifting motin and would cover her mouth with his other hand, all the time squeezing each ass cheek. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass, teasing her by pushing it in and pulling it out. This drives her crazy, and I guess he figured it out.

He whispered to her asking, “Do you want me to fuck you? Or should I go home?”

She was quiet at first since talking dirty isn’t her strong suit but after a few times she told him, “Please, Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

As he fucked her from behind he would play with her ass by rubbing his finger in circles around it and gently pressing into it without going in.

He then said to her a couple of time, “You want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you?”

Cindy didn’t reply right away and he pulled out and stepped back. She stood up and turned around thinking he wanted a new position and he just looked at her. She told me she felt so weird as he just looked at her, standing there with his cock rock hard and her naked against the sink.

Chris told her “I guess you just don’t want to get fucked!”

“Yes, I do … please. Fuck me!”

Chris told her to tell him how much she wants to get fucked in the ass … and she did.


He grabbed her and kissed her and they made out for a few minutes as she jacked him off standing there.

He leaned her over again and finished off without ever going in her ass. That is when he got her on her knees and had her finish him off with another blowjob until he came in her mouth and she jumped up and spit it in the sink. Although she has swallowed before, she avoids it whenever possible.

Chris sort of laughed and made a comment but she didn’t hear what it was.

Then they got dressed up and went to the living room. This is when I thought I heard someone going to the kitchen and ran.

As they sat on the couch next to each other, pretending to watch the movie, Chris started telling her about his new boat … which is a topic she loves. He told her about things he would love to do out in the ocean and on the beaches with her. She was eating it up; I could see it in her eyes as she repeated his stories. He told her if she was really, really good and did everything she had to, he would take her one day.

I laughed at this point and she hit me.

Then he kept telling her about fucking on the boat and she reached over and started stroking the penis through his shorts. Pretty soon, he was fingering her and she was moaning into the cushions of the couch. This is when he began to finger her ass and I came around the corner …

After this, Cindy wanted to have a few swinging encounters more often. It was strange to see her be the one to want to try new scenarios and experiences. Even thought this wasn't her first time, she did become more invovled after Chris although she was only with him a couple of other times.



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