Interracial Hot Wife - Cindy

Cindy - Interracial Hot Wife Fuck


By: MiamiMark

My birthday was that weekend and things had calmed down from the festivities and get-togethers with friends. It wasn’t any different than previous years and I didn’t expect it to be.

After a long week of cleaning up and getting back to reality, Cindy and I decided to stay home for the weekend. We ended up catching up on house chores and the little things that never seem to get done.

Friday night, Cindy handed me my honey-do-list of things to buy and errands to do that evening. On the way out, she handed me a belated birthday card and told me not to open it until I received a page from her on my beeper (yes … this was a while ago). And with that, off I went shopping.

A couple of hours later, almost being done with my list, I was in the drive through line of Taco Bell. I figured I’d take some food back to the house so we could just watch TV and eat. As I was pulling up to the window, my pager went off and a jolt of excitement ran through me. Throughout the shopping and errands, I had actually forgotten about the card.

I took the card out of the envelope and, as I opened it, a Polaroid photograph slipped out and landed on my lap upside down. I turned the picture over and my jaw nearly hit the ground. There, in full color, was a torso shot of my wife. From breasts to knees … but that wasn’t the half of it. She was completely shaved.

For the longest time I had tried to convince her into shaving herself just for once … and I guess she decided to make it my birthday present. I quickly pulled out of the drive through and pulled aside to read the card. This is what is read:

“Happy Birthday.

By the time you read this card, Rick will be enjoying this. Take your time!!!”

No sooner had I finished the card, I was racing home and disregarded my last two errands. I knew that Rick was probably already there and I couldn’t help but wonder how long they were together and what they were doing. All I knew was that I had to be there.

Pulling into the driveway, I saw that Rick’s SUV was already there. Softly closing my car door, I approached the front entrance and put my ear against the door. All I heard was the television and some distant conversation … but I waited a few of minutes out of curiosity and hoping I could hear what they were saying. The TV was too loud and I decided to make my entrance.

Sitting on my favorite leather captain’s chair was Rick between Cindy’s legs. He was leaning back on her towards one side with his eyes closed as she had one hand in his shorts, handling his cock in short strokes. His shirt and shoes were already on the floor and had apparently been here for a while.


I glanced over to the television set and noticed they were watching some MAX HARDCORE porn DVDs. I had never seen them before until that moment but knew that they were Rick’s. On the Screen was a guy sitting over a girl and ramming his cock as far into her throat as he could while she was gagging and her eyes were tearing up. While Cindy and Rick were making plans for my birthday surprise, she had asked him to bring some videos since we didn’t own any.

Looking back at the two of them, I realized Cindy was wearing a black leather jacket with metal studs. Underneath, she wore a black, strapless bra, matching lace panties and a garter belt with stockings. For this evening, she wanted to be the dominatrix (as best she could). She smiled at me and blew me a kiss. Then she looked back down at Rick’s cock and focused on her technique. As I too focused, I noticed she was squeezing the tip of his head and working her way down to his balls and then back up.

I decided to not wait too long before they really got it started to run and get my camcorder. By now Cindy was used to my desire to video tape these sessions and then watch them with her later on. I actually caught her masturbating to the videos once.

As I got the camera setup and plugged in, Cindy asked Rick to stand up and sit on the floor. Then she walked around him accentuating her moves with her hips in an extremely sultry and seductive manner. She laid down in front of Rick and handed him a chocolate Hershey syrup bottle she had next to the sofa. She explained to him that he had to pour it on her body but only where he wanted to lick it off … and he HAD to lick it all off.

She asked me to unhook her bra and then remove her panties. There she was, wearing nothing but stockings and a garter belt. Rick took the bottle and began to let the syrup drip on her nipples and around her breasts. The chocolate outline followed her curves, filling her belly button and then continuing down over the garter belt and covering her thighs. Then Rick let the syrup completely cover her shaved pussy.

Rick was in a hurry to eat the chocolate and Cindy would stop him and tell him he was misbehaving and would have to start over if he rushed. As he licked every drop of chocolate off her breasts, I was mesmerized by the contrast of creamy white skin and the dark smooth chocolate. He made sure you could see her soft pink nipples when he was down and then continued down her stomach. One of his hands kept rolling her nipple between his fingers as she let out soft whimpers of excitement.

By the time he was done with her legs and feet, she opened her legs and told him to not miss a single drop … and he didn’t. As he ate her out, she had her hands pushing his head deeper into her crotch to the point where I heard Rick gasp for air. She kept him there until she had a complete orgasm. Rick stood up and took off his shorts and quickly went down on the floor, positioning himself to fuck her when she stopped him and told him she wasn’t ready yet.

Rick was getting anxious and she had him wrapped up around her finger. As the video camera recorded everything I sat on the sofa and stroked myself, enjoying the best present I had ever received.

Cindy stood up and pushed Rick off of her and told him to sit against the sofa. She walked into the bedroom and a minute later came out with a tape and put it in the VCR. She changed the station and pressed play. Then she walked over to Rick and knelt in front of him making sure to grip his cock and pull on it and then push down with all her force. Rick’s face was slightly distorted in pain but he didn’t make a sound. As she played rough with his cock she looked at me on the other end of the sofa and said her and Rick had made the tape for me on the previous Saturday and Sunday while I was at a local conference. Then she looked at Rick and said, but he promised me that he would do whatever I wanted tonight if I promised to do the tape how he wanted. “This is my payback”, she said and laughed.

I was torn between watching them and watching the TV. Cindy sprawled herself on the floor in front of Rick and began to lick his cock slowly from the base to the tip. I knew she was going to take her time so I focused my attention for now on the video. Meanwhile, Rick had his head leaning on sofa, one hand on her shoulder and his eyes shut tightly.

On the TV was footage of a park … the one across the street from our house. It is a very large park with acres of paths, trees, and plants. Rick was holding the camera as Cindy walked in front of him in her little yellow dress with 6 large buttons on the front. He video taped her as she walked through between the 4 baseball fields (all of them crowded with people). Once in a while, when they were in a secluded spot, she would lift up the back of her skirt exposing her bare ass or turn around and pull apart the top two buttons to expose her pink nipples.

The camera wasn’t very steady and he would turn it on only when Cindy was going to do something and then he would turn it off. This went of for about 20 minutes and then they went to a different part of the park, an area that had a lake and several small trails into the underbrush and trees. I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen but the anticipation was consuming me.

They went into a trail and when the camera was turned back on, Cindy was completely naked with her dress and sandals set on the side of the trail. She was lying down on the grass playing with herself, and Rick would give her commands on how he wanted her to finger herself and touch her tits. Then he told her to come over to him on her knees and give him a blowjob.


I think she was really getting off on being told what to do and I was sure this is what she meant when she said “my payback” and I loved it. Rick pointed the camera down and Cindy unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down far enough so his cock sprung out them. Then she took it into her mouth and Rick video taped the entire blow job, including coming on her face, another first. She waited for the camera to be turned off and used his shirt to quickly wipe it off. Not her thing.

At that moment I realized that I had created a monster. When this whole thing started my wife would get offended if the topic ever came up. And even the night we first started to explore the possibility, her insecurity was visible with all her boundaries and constant reassurances that it would only happen one time. Now, after the last time with Chris, she was coordinating the scenarios with my best friend and I couldn’t believe it. And most incredible was the fact she wanted to impress Rick since everyone knew he was popular with the ladies and had lots of girls sleep in his bed. Somehow, she always wanted to make sure he was satisfied and asked kept asking me what he said about her and what he liked.

I looked back at the two of them and there she was, still swallowing his entire shaft and playing with his balls, while he leaned back and enjoyed the moment. Rick tapped her on the head (his signal for blowing his load) and she stopped and stood up. Rick looked up at her inquisitively and asked why she had stopped. She put her finger to her mouth and left back to the bedroom.

Rick and I made a few comments about how crazy all of this was. I had asked when he made all the plans and he informed me that it was my wife that called him last week and made the plans. I was shocked, “She planned all of this?”. “Yep!” Rick replied.

Ten minutes later Cindy came of the room wearing a satin dress (which resembled more of a night gown or slip). But I knew it was a dress since she was wearing her black high heel shoes which matched the stocking and dress. She looked at Rick and me and told us to hurry up and get dressed, “We are going out dancing.”

I let Rick borrow some of my clothes and when we were ready, we jumped in the car and Cindy drove. She told us that tonight she was going to celebrate my birthday by fulfilling her fantasy … at which point I had no clue what she was referring to. I kept trying to ask questions and she kept hushing me.

I noticed we were driving down south into Cutler Ridge (which was a poorer part of town). And after a few back roads where I had never been before, we pulled up at a small building with a few neon signs and the words, BAR – POOL flashing. I looked at her and was about to ask how she even knew about this place and she read my mind.

“A co-worker told me about this place,” she said to me. “He said it was usually packed and very lively”

Rick also looked at me like he had no clue what was going on but all the cars did confirm it was pretty packed.

As we walked to the door I realized that the three of us were about the only white people in line except for a handful of guys at the front. Once we got inside I could hardly see anything. There were very few dimly lit lights on the walls and the neon lights of the bar. After a little persuasion we pushed our way to the bar and ordered some beers.

The music was hip-hop and almost everyone was dancing … even if they were nowhere near the dance floor. As I glanced around I noticed that the ratio was 4 to 1 in favor of women. When Cindy sat up on the stool, her dress fell above her knees and her very white legs reflected what little light there was, but you could see the solid calves and tight skin tone of her magnificent legs (yes, I am bias).

She leaned into Rick and me and told us to go somewhere else and not to come to her until she was ready to leave. “Yeah, right!” I said and she looked at Rick and told him that he had to keep me away because he promised to do anything she wanted tonight. Rick started to walk away but I wasn’t going anywhere. I had no idea what she was going to do but this was one place I did not feel safe and my wife was not the most street wise woman around and I was concerned.

She reminded me that it was me who had once told her about my fantasy to watch her dance with other men sensually and at that moment she told me it was her fantasy to be with black man. I pretty much spit out my beer. Then she told me this was as close as she was ever going to get and she knew a few of the guys who worked at the hospital would be here tonight. Against my better judgment I proceeded to follow Rick and we sat a small table by the entrance, in the corner.

I watched as men would walk by her and practically fuck her with their eyes. Some guys would pull up to the bar right next to her and push up against her with their groin pressing against her legs. It was obvious and no one was trying to be discreet about it.

About 40 minutes into the evening, a few of guys walked up to her and she gave them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. These were obviously the guys she know from work. She never hung out with them before but they always exchanged hellos and goodbyes … and they always stared at her (and she knew it).

They all ordered beers and got her one too. After their second beer, two of them took her to the dance floor which was incredibly packed. The third guy stayed at the bar and kept drinking his beer. My eyes were glued seeing if anything was happening, but asides from holding her hand as they walked to the dance floor and occasionally leaning into each other to say a few words, nothing else happened. Then she walked back to the bar with one of them and the other one, I think, went to the bathroom. My heart couldn’t stop beating so fast. She would go and dance with each of the guys, but I could see her attention was focused on one guy specifically. He was the tallest one of the three and was pretty built. Probably 6’2”, defined muscles, and could sure put back those beers..

After about an hour, two of the guys took off and it was just the two of them.. Although I couldn’t see anything, Cindy later told me he was asking about her husband (me) and she gave him some story about how she caught me with another woman and she was really upset. It wasn’t long after she said this to him that he stood next to her and put his hand on her bare knee as she smiled and kept talking. The next thing I saw was her turn around to face the bar and the guy moved a little closer to her, his back against the bar, slightly leaning into her and whispering in her ear. But it wasn’t whispering, he was actually kissing her ear. I couldn’t see it, but she told me he had his hand running up her thigh and under her dress up to her panty line. Then they went to dance again.


Once on the dance floor, I lost complete sight of her with the 40 or 50 people crowded around. I stood up and asked Rick to stay incase he saw here while I walked around to the other side hoping to spot her. Once I reached the bar I could see Cindy and the guy dancing towards the back of the floor where the lighting was even dimmer … if that was possible.

Cindy had her back into the guy as his hands were coveting her entire body from neck to thighs. As the song got a little louder, he would turn her around and grind into her as his hands held onto her ass firmly. This was as close to public sex as you could possibly have and no one seemed to care much … most of the couples were pretty hot into each other and unless you were looking for it, the lights were too dim. You could at times see when he would reach up her dress from behind and get a feel.

After a few songs Cindy walked with him back to the bar and they talked. I had gone back with Rick to keep him company and tell him what I had seen … and he loved it. I on the other had was still nervous about the whole situation but I knew it was turning her on, so I was more than willing to let her have her fun.

The guy finally took off and Cindy came over to us and told us that it was time to head back out. As I got into the drivers seat and drove off, she told us that she felt a little woozy from the alcohol and dancing and asked Rick if it was Ok to call it an early evening. Rick hesitantly agreed and told her she owed him from leaving him with blue balls after stopping the blow job. She apologized and jumped into the back seat. Every once in a while I looked back and they were making out while she gave him a hand job … pretty much the entire ride home.

Once we arrived back at our house, Rick followed us in and began to corner Cindy and lift her dress, but she stopped him and mentioned the fact she really was out of it and didn’t feel up to it. He tried a little more but finally realized she really wasn’t up for it. He picked up his clothes from earlier and gave her a kiss on the cheek telling her he hoped she felt better. Then he gave me a big hug and wished me a very happy birthday. I just grinned and said, “I think I just had it”.

Rick took off and Cindy and I picked up a few things around the living room from earlier … not to mention I had to clean up some of the Hershey syrup that had dripped on the rug ?. Cindy was going to take a shower and as she did I continued cleaning. She came out of the bathroom wearing her red lingerie baby doll dress made of lace that I had bought for her that Christmas, and had only seen once. It was amazing and you could just see the outline of her nipples and down below you could now see the bare pussy. She smiled and told me to make a couple of drinks and take a shower because my birthday wasn’t over yet.

I told her I had thought she was sick but she giggled and told me it was just to get Rick to leave because she wanted to continue the night without him. I was sort of disappointed because, since it was my birthday, I would have rather Rick join in on the fun … but I wasn’t going to complain when I had such a feast waiting for me.

I ran to the kitchen and poured a couple glasses of Disarono (her favorite). Then ran back to the bedroom to hand her a glass and proceeded to undress as I headed into the bathroom. As I showered I thought about what had happened that night. I was looking forward to having a long night my wife and asking her all the details of the movie they made and the guy she danced with.

I jumped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist, and leaped into bed where Cindy was laying on her side. As she smiled, I began to kiss her neck and work my way down her body slowly. I had her legs spread apart and began to lick the smooth mound … a shaved pussy was absolutely heaven. I asked her questions as I fingered her and licked around her thighs and she would answer in between her moans. She asked me if I was mad about the bar and I told her I was only nervous, but I enjoyed it. She told me it was amazing and then gave me the details of how the guy would finger her on the dance floor while no one could see and how excited that made her.

The doorbell rang and she practically startled herself out of bed. I, knowing Rick could read my mind, was hoping to somehow convince Cindy to let Rick into the bedroom. As I stood to go answer the door, Cindy stopped me and told me she would do it. I was hoping this would happen. As she walked past me, she told me to stay in here. She slid into her nightgown and left to answer the door.

I waited a few minutes imagining Rick coming up with some excuse about why he came back and then Cindy seducing him right at the door. As the minutes passed I was getting more hopeful. I decided to sneak down the hall and see if anything was happening and as I peeked around the wall, my jaw hit the ground.

Cindy was leaning over with her hands against the wall by the entrance, her robe lying on the floor by her side, the door wide open, and her baby doll lingerie pulled up over her waist. Kneeling in back of her with his fingers in her pussy and his tongue as deep into he ass as you could get was a muscular, black gentleman … the one from the club.

Standing at the door was another very large black man, about 6’. He wasn’t all muscles, and the best way I could describe him was a slightly out of shape linebacker. I was pretty sure it was one of the other two from the club.

The big guy saw me and tilted his head as if saying hi. It took me a few moments to collect myself and I walked on out, heading right for my wife. Cindy still didn’t know I was there until the big guy walked in, closing the door behind him and headed straight for me. He reached his hand out and said, “hey, I’m Sergio”. I didn’t know how to respond. Cindy looked over and said, “Happy Birthday”. (Later I found out that the tall guy, Tony, was one of the technicians that worked at her hospital and the big guy was his cousin. She had talked to him and planned this out a few weeks ago). Then I realized what she had told me she told him at the bar about catching me with another woman was a lie … hehehe

Tony didn’t take long to stand up and drop his pants proving what they say about black cocks. Holy Shit! I thought to myself. His penis wasn’t even fully hard and it was larger than mine when fully erect. He pulled out condom he had in his top pocket and slid it on. Then he pushed up against Cindy and began to gently force his cock into her. It probably made it a little easier that he wasn’t fully erect, but he used his hand to help push it in.

He took her to the couch and pretty soon he was fucking her hard. Serg sat on the couch next to her and took off his shorts. His cock was erect and smaller than Tony’s. He stroked his cock with one hand and played with Cindy’s tits with the other hand. Cindy just looked at Serg with a dazed look, her eyes partially closed as she was fucked from behind.

Tony moved Cindy to the couch and they began to take turns with her. As one held her legs up in the air and fucked, the other would be sucking on her tits and kissing her. Finally Serg pulled his cock out of her and ripped the condom off just in time to let his cum drip on her thighs. Cindy didn’t like to have cum on her after sex and it was obvious when she looked at me and grimaced, but she didn’t say anything. I guess swallowing Chris’s was ok, but on her was not… I didn’t understand it. ?

Tony continued where Serg left off and held her legs by the ankles as he positioned himself on the edge of the sofa. Because he was taller, he actually lifted her ass off the couch so he could get his cock inside of her. I’ll always remember the way he would pull all the way out and then push his cock all the way into her … never too fast, just rhythmically.

Tony came a few minutes later and pulled out also in time to cum on her chest. He rubbed his finger on his cum and then stuck it into her mouth … and she sucked it clean. Serg sat on the opposite couch just looking at them the entire time as I leaned against the wall and observed. I wanted to bring out the camera so badly but I didn’t have the balls to ask the guys if it was ok.


Tony plopped down on the couch and Cindy walked over to me and kissed me. She pulled me down the hall and into the guest bedroom where she reached in my robe and grabbed my cock. Then she told me that when they planned tonight, she had told Tony she had a special request but she knew she felt she had to ask me first, and I knew what she was referring to. Ever since she started having sex with Rick, she experienced rough sex. At first she wasn’t really into it but because she got off watching Rick get off she kept fantasizing about it. But now she always asks me to slap her ass, pull her hair, and say stuff to her. I’m ok with that but Rick likes to take it to extreme sometimes and I don’t feel comfortable with that. It only happened twice and Rick stopped shortly after he saw my expression.

Unfortunately, Cindy wanted it almost as much as Rick did, so when she told me she had asked Tony for a special request, I knew what that was. I had recognized Tony by name and heard stories about his scoring with pretty much every nurse and therapist on her floor. She had even told me the stories the other girls shared with her about his cock, and they were true.

She told me not to worry, she knew him. “Go ahead.”, I told her and she kissed me. I wasn’t thrilled but I knew how badly she wanted to. She got on her knees and gave me an amazing blowjob … even though it lasted 2 minutes with me being as excited.

She ran into the living room and laughingly asked Tony, “Are you ready for more?” He stood up and grabbed his cock in his hand and replied, “I think I can handle you again.”

“I want it they way you told me” she whispered to him. I saw Tony look at Serg and wave him to come over. Tony picked Cindy up and asked her where the bedroom was. She pointed and he took her there as Serg followed closely behind.

I followed them into the bedroom where Tony tossed her on the bed and slipped off his shirt. As I was about to go in, I saw Tony grab a hold of her ankles and pull her to the edge of the bed. She was beginning to struggle, play like, and pretend she didn’t want it. Suddenly Serg stopped me and told me that this was a private party. I laughed.

He held his hand out and planted it on my chest as I stood at the door way. Then he closed the door. The way I figured it, Cindy planned it that way and I was probably better off not seeing her fantasy. I sat against the wall and listened in …

At parts I could here her being slapped and then calling her bitch, and slut. They were pretty much treating her like her fantasy from the sounds of it and it was not settling well, but I had to remember this was her fantasy. I could hear her gagging at times and letting out muffled screams (this is when I was nervous) but then she’d be telling them to fuck her harder.

Towards the end, I couldn’t hear her anymore but the two of them were making loud grunts and saying, “Fuck yeah … Come-on bitch, take it all!”

When the door opened up, Serg walked right past me and down the hall. I walked in and Tony was lying next to her in bed and kissing her as she lay on her back with two fingers inside of her. He stood up and also walked past me saying, “she is one wild woman”. I walked up to the bed and sat next to her and could hear them getting drinks in the kitchen.

She looked at me and smiled. “Did you like it?” I asked. “Very much!!” she managed to say while breathing heavily. After a few minutes sat up, gave me a kiss and said, “I know you are going to be pissed but I didn’t know they were going to do everything they did.”

Then I heard them yell their goodbyes and they left.


She told Tony at work that she wanted to fuck another guy for her husband but she also wanted to have a small gang-bang. This came about because he had told her his past stories including some 3-somes he was involved in and it always turned her on. He was obviously more than willing to do it. Then she asked him if he could be rough because it was her turn on … and he said he knew just how to make her cum.

Well, when the door closed and they were inside, she was play struggling and Serg came around the other side of the bed and held her hands down. Tony quickly put on a new condom and pulled her legs apart. Wasting no time, he began to fuck her and suck her tits, biting on her nipples.

She was getting really excited by being held down since it was her first time, and she was telling them to fuck her harder. Serg got up on the bed and knelt on top of her with her arms under his legs and began to put his cock in her mouth. In the meantime, Tony started to finger her ass, now something she liked.

Tony stood up again and took the bottom of the baby doll outfit and pulled it apart but it didn’t break right away, so he had to do it a couple of times. Serg finally got off of her and Tony wrapped his arm underneath her and spun her over. Serg positioned her head in his crotch as he laid in front of her and had her continue to suck his cock.

Tony began to stick his cock in her ass and as she wiggled away because it was hurting her a bit, Serg gripped her hair and told her to quit it or he’ll fuck her in the ass too (Sergio being the biggest cock). Then Tony pushed her head towards Serg’s cock and told her, “No one told you to stop bitch” She was still enjoying everything but was also a little nervous of how far this was going to go.

She felt Tony’s finger inside her ass and could hear him spitting and felt it dripping down her crack. Then she felt the cool gel running down her back (Astroglide). It didn’t help much and she practically cried as she felt his cock pushing inside of her. She had anal sex with Rick and Chris before but Tony was quite larger than either of us … and he wasn’t being too gentle.


“That’s right bitch … you are going to like it tonight.” Tony said as he kept trying to push in. At the moment that his head broke through, he stopped and slowly shoved what she felt was his entire cock inside her ass.

After a few minutes, Tony pulled out and Serg pulled her up on top him. He squeezed her tits began to suck on them. Then he slid her down until his cock slipped right into her. Cindy rode him for a while and then felt Tony push her down onto Serg. Serg wrapped his arms around her and she immediately knew Tony was climbing on top DP her. This was the first and only time in her life she had this happen … but she wanted to try it so didn’t say anything (except struggle for the effect). She laughed when she told me because Tony used the entire AstroGlide bottle on her.

She said that when both were inside, she felt like screaming but it also felt exciting and she didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t as much pleasure of the sensation as it was the situation.

When Serg came, he pulled out and went to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. Tony picked her up and laid her on her stomach with one leg pushed up by her side… exposing her ass. He tried to stick it in her ass, but there was no way and he finally gave up. Then he turned her over and fucked her the rest of the time while he held her legs up in the air. Tony told her that he would make sure to fuck her next time she worked the midnight shift. I knew she liked that thought and it actually did happen several times … one time getting caught by a temp-nurse.

That night we didn’t have any sex but she did give me a blow job. She was slightly sore and I completely understood. Unfortunately, she was also sore the next day … but the day after, we were at it all night and she kept re-telling the details of what happened.

I never told Rick since she didn’t want him to know.



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