1- Use a brand new, free email address from yahoo. gmail, hotmail etc. Make sure it doesn't have your name or any word that may identify you in it. Never use your personal email account, or one you use with facebook etc, since people can look you up through those accounts.

2- Make sure all pictures you post have nothing in them that can identify you. Typically, that would include:

- License plates
- Family photos on the wall or on furniture
- Very specific tattoos or body markings

3- Make sure that your camera's GPS or Geo-Tagging function is set to off ... if it has one. For the cameras and phones that do have this feature, either find the manual for it, either at home or online if you don't have it anymore, and look up how to change the setting to "off". Many cameras have this featured disabled by default, but there are some that have it enabled.

This feature adds digital information to each picture you take. Specifically, the geographic coordinates of the exact location the picture was taken. To read this information requires a specific software. Most people don't have it and don't care to. But some trolls are looking for a way to draw attention to themselves and so buy the software and then "freak out" couples who post nude pictures by emailing them their coordinates. It gives these trolls (who feel tiny) a sense of "grandiosity" for a few brief moments.

99.99% of the time these trolls are harmless and no information is exposed to anyone aside from the troll and couple.

So, if you:

- Happen to have this feature on your camera ... and ...
- It happens to be turned on ... and ...
- Somebody takes the time to download your photos and scan the info ... and
- Freaks you out with this info via email ...

... here are the steps to take:

1- Do not answer the troll. Ever.
2- Inform me, the webmaster and I can strip the geo tags off your images and re-upload them.

It's as simple as that.

- Don't feed the Trolls
- Free Geo Tag Data Eraser


Posting nude dares is generally safe and risk free, provided the above steps are followed (and largely so when the steps above are not followed). Since the site's inception in 2004, there have been over 10,000 dares posted and of those, only a handful have had troll issues or geo tag info embedded in the pictures. The geo tag problems were solved instantly by diabling the feature and by stripping the exisiting pictures of their tags. The troll problems were solved instantly as well by ignoring them. If anyone ever has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. - Webmaster


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