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What Type of Porn Do Women Like?

The female truthordarepics members below respond and talk about what types of porn they, as women, like to watch and enjoy.. BLOG

lil perv Lil Perv

- I love lots of different kinds of porn! I really like watching two girls spending a while licking each other's pussies and making each other cum, that always tends to work really well for me! But I also love watching a guy tie up a girl and abuse her and fuck her, I'm extremely submissive, so watching stuff like that gets me extremely wet! - Lil Perv
trish Trish

- In regards to the kind of porn I like - I'm a big fan of blowjobs. I love listening to the man moaning as the girl takes him in her mouth, and watching her eyes while she is doing it. I suppose the girls that post can kinda relate to her need to be watched while she gives a guy pleasure. I know I do. I'm also a big fan of doggy-style porn, just the dominance and the animalistic nature of it...plus the visuals tend to be amazing. One thing I wish they featured more in porn...the girl cumming. Maybe its not as visually interesting as a cumshot-but I like porn thats (kinda) realistic - and in real sex a girl should be getting hers as well, not just smacking her lips and going "oooooh" honestly, what girl does that? I have seen some older porno's where admittedly they are dated and corny, but girls seemed to get theirs as well then...not saying I'm going to revolutionize the porn industry but I would like to see that more in porn. :) - Trish
christy Christy

- I love porn where men are eating a woman's pussy!! I love for my husband to eat my pussy and it makes me think about that :) I also like watching a man with a really hard cock fucking a woman from behind. - Christy
sexy ass SexyAss

- I love watching a porn when a guy has the girl doggie style and is pounding her pussy. I like hearing the girl moan and scream. I like watching the dick go in and out of her. I like it when the girl is nice and shaved. Hairy girls are a total turn off. I like the girl to be nice and loud. I want to close my eyes when my hubby is eating my pussy and being able to picture what's going on. I also like hearing the guy as he's cumming. That sound sends chills up my body. I get so horny when I'm fucking myself with my dildo and watching a guy fuck a pretty tight pussy. I'm getting horny just writing this!!! - SexyAss
Jenna Jenna

- I have just recently started to enjoy watching porn. It did take a while for me to warm up to the idea and I can now say it is a great way to get the mood set for the night or the middle of day when you just feel like getting some. The part that I love about porn is hearing other women moaning while have sex. It is the one thing that drives me wild and when me and my boyfriend watch it together we both get extremely horny and canít keep our hands off each other. Sometimes we watch amateur porn to see some normal people not just barbieís all the time but donít get me wrong we do watch professional porn. As long as there is a women moaning in a porn Iím happy. . - Jenna

- I like watching ALOT of porn. I like to watch them just get down and do it hard! I love watching a women with big natural boobs getting fucked doggy style. Or interracial stuff, outdoors just depends on my mood at the time! . - Mature MILF
Mandy Mandy

- As a woman I enjoy different types of porn depending on my mood that day. Oftentimes I like to read about people's experiences like the ones on this site. But when I am really horny I like to sit beside my boyfriend and watch other couples go at it while I stroke him. I can do that for over an hour as stroking his cock while watching and fantasizing about myself being on screen with them is a huge turn on. - Mandy
Busty Megan Busty Megan

- I've always enjoyed games and as an adult I love them even more. My fantasy would be to play different types of sex games with both men and women like spin the bottle or truth or dare. Because the card or dice says so you feel like you have to perform what they say when really it's an excuse to enable you to do so without feeling awkward or guilty. It's obviously not easy to find a group to play with but I get my kicks out of that type of porn online. - Busty Megan




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